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Formerly 4chanarchive

November 1st, 2006 - May 7th, 2011
???, 2010 - 2013
Major Boards/b/, /v/, /co/, /r9k/
Epic WinsArchiving lulz

chanarchive (a subsidiary of EDrama LIMITED) is was a website that archives epic threads from 4chan for great justice, so that they may be preserved for future generations. Although originally used for archiving only /b/ threads, other boards soon followed. /a/ and /v/ followed suit Last Thursday. Eventually, all boards gained the ability to be archived, and after that, even different chans.


4chanarchive title.png

Forged from the deepest depths of the raging Nordic volcano of ODIN by screaming dragons and demons (read: a 28-year-old /b/tard from Finland, lol) long ago in the far-away time of November 2006, founded by one only known as "capsized". Although only meant to be used for personal use, in April 2007, a request interface was added, signifying the actual "birth" of chanarchive, after which the site became extremely popular.


This is the official FAQ, with no lulz but much info. A lot of it is not relevant anymore, like the cones/gold account section, you can skip that. Read at your own risk.

What is 4chanarchive?
4chanarchive is, as its name says, an archive for The archive takes requests from 4chan users when they think that a thread s archive worthy. When enough people vote for archival a thread is archived. After archival the threads are pending to be reviewed and several janitors go through them and pick the best ones to officially publish them in the archive. You could say that the archive is a "best-of 4chan" and indeed some people quit browsing 4chan completely because they are sick of the amount of spam and uninteresting threads.
Why use 4chanarchive when I can just save the threads myself?
When people save threads as an HTML document, the images do not get saved, only the thumbnails, which majorly detracts from the thread's experience. Second, there will be more posts after you archive it, so you're not getting the entire thread, only what you saved at that time. 4chanarchive solves both of these problems with its secret blend of 11 herbs and spices (read: pot and coding) by downloading all images from a thread, full-sized and thumbnailed. It also updates the thread every second until it dies, allowing you to see the entire thread as it was one second before it was pruned and deleted.
How I do I archive a thread?
On the sidebar, go to "Special features" and click "Request interface". From there, enter the thread number of the thread you want to archive, select the board, and hit "Submit" (make sure the thread is still alive when you do this!). If you have a Gold Account you can automatically archive it. Otherwise, the thread will gain one request. A thread needs a minimum of 5 requests to be archived, except for /b/ which needs 8. If the thread gets enough requests or is automatically archived, it is submitted to our mods to review. If they liek it, the thread will be added to the archive. If they don't, the thread will be deleted. A common misconception is that you would need to request archival towards the end-of-live of a thread, which is not true. Once archived, a thread will be updated as long as it is alive on 4chan.
What are cones?

(by Nova Krazny)

Cones are a magical substance available only to those with Gold Account. Once you have a Gold Account, you can browse through the unreviewed and reviewed threads and leave positive or negative feedback (there is no neutral zone; pick a side, faggot). This affects unreviewed threads greatly, helping the mods decide what to archive and what to toss in order to save precious, precious bandwidth.

Each time you review a thread- good OR bad- you get a cone. Get ten cones, and you can submit a thread for archival on your own by using your cones on the request interface.

How do I get a Gold Account?
Go to the Register Page and follow the steps.
The history of 4chanarchive.
4chanarchive was born in November 2006 when capsized was annoyed enough of missing the birth of new memes and the constant "What was teh xxxM GET?" questions to actually start learning PHP and delve into the world of webhosting. A single person could just not lurk enough to keep up with 4chan, thus the idea for the archive was born. In the beginning the threads were archived by capsized alone and only /b/ was being archived, therefore the threads until April 2007 are not really representative. In April then the automated Request Interface was born. Although the name shows a lack of creativity, the popularity of chanarchive skyrocketed. It became actually so popular, that posting the 4chanarchive URL on 4chan will still earn you an instant 2 day ban. June 2007 saw the addition of boards /v/ and /a/ and gradually more boards were added over time. Currently 4chanarchive has a Alexa rank of 18,000 and about 6,000 to 8,000 visitors per day that are accessing roughly 30,000 pages daily.

September 29th, 2010

mute's post

Before this day, the chanarchive had an enormous backlog of threads dating back from 2-3 months. A determined rookie mod known as 'mute' decided to finally destroy the backlog's existence, spending the entire day of 9/29/10 reviewing thousands of threads and archiving a mere 161. The chanarchive was finally back to normal and up-to-date.

mute made a post on /gold/ regarding the backlog as seen in the picture to the right.

Video in mute's post.

November 2012 (under new management)

Or so we thought...

In late October of 2012 went dark. Left only with the message

it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that and are no more. ;_; more details to follow within the next days… front page, November 1st, 2012

Many Anons immediately an heroed, but this mass lulzicide was premature, as the heroes at Encyclopedia Dramatica knew that the Internets still needed a place to store the treasured lulz contained inside of epic 4chan threads. ED admin Edgeworth E. Euler then contacted capsized, the admin of and offered a new permanent hosting solution. Many sexts later, had a new home.

++++ breaking news ++++we are currently working on bringing the archive back up!please hold on for a couple days while we are setting up the server courtesy of breaking news ++++



on 7, November 2012, chanarchive went live again, and the Internets rejoiced.

Death of Chanarchive

In 2013, the Chanarchive hard drive/server got [1] fried corrupting all the data.

<zaiger> the data is correupted afaik
<zaiger> i dint have it
<zaiger> the whole reason it went down is there was a hd failuree that ruined the data
<zaiger> i didnt have it personally tho, ill make sure
<zaiger> i dont havethe site
<zaiger> if i had it id release it asap
<weev>	o/
<zaiger> o/

The real way to archive a thread

  1. Request thread
  2. Proxy
  3. Request again
  4. Repeat steps 2 3 and 4 over 9000 times
  5. ????
  6. Profit!

List of admins/mods/janitors

  • capsized !9Ew9kRK.gE ##Admin##
  • zaiger ! ##Admin##
  • Edgeworth ! ##Admin##
  • mute !!RR4RD4H7RHo ##Mod##
  • rofl !NoTripcode ##Mod##
  • cioden !NoTripcode ##Mod##
  • Shuckle !NoTripcode ##Mod##
  • OldDirtyBtard !NoTripcode ##Janitor## RIP

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