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FoundationOctober 1, 2003
Major Boards/a/,/b/,/biz/,/co/,/d/,/fa/,/g/,/h/,/int/ /k/,/po/,/pol/,/r/,/r9k/,/qst/,/s/,/soc/,/t/,/tv/,/v/,/vg/,/wsg/
Epic WinsNone, this is a porn site
What are you?
Behold the destroyer of worlds.
You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
Typical 4chan user.
Typical 4chan conversation.
Evidence that 4chan mods are furries. (note: bottom)
Now a WP for fags.
Full of normal people.
You've been warned.
The average /b/tard at work. DESU DESU DESU
4chan: The one place where you would admit wanting to fuck General Cornwallis.
If you don't know who any of these things are, you need to LURK MOAR.
/b/ always offers good advice.
This is where camwhores pimp for fanboys to get their Naruto porn filled on their wishlists. The name of this particular camwhore is Togi-chan.
Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.
Wiki <3's 4chan!
/b/ = /b/oycock
You tell em

<@Moot> Reggin 4chan.net brace for faggotry


moot on registering 4chan. At least he was right about the faggotry.

4chan is and always has been many things to many people. To Faux News, 4chan is a hazardous "Leftist Internet Hate Machine" filled with domestic terrorists, to CNN, it is a person and a hacker responsible for leaking newdz and installing Blumpf into power. To others, it is that site full of weeaboos, incels, trolls, racists, children, and pedophiles that churns out many of the Internet's most popular viral content.

At its core, 4chan is an anonymous Japanimation-themed collection of image boards based on the popular Japanese site Futaba Channel. 4chan is proof positive that the United States should not have stopped with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but should have nuked the entire island of Japan off the face of the Earth. The site is home to a wide assortment of degenerate losers, all of whom have at least some variant of social anxiety disorder. So, not surprisingly, most of the nsfw imageboards consist of hentai and shock images. And at the heart of 4chan is /b/.

A few popular Internet "memes" have their roots in /b/, 4chan's largest and most notorious board. This has led to Anonymous declaring itself "the face of the Internet", when it is truly more reminiscent of the anus of the Internets. 4chan is like the butt-plug of the Internet in that it holds all the shit inside the rectums so it doesn't spray out all over. When 4chan goes down, it's like the Internet has explosive diarrhea.

4chan got it's start from Something Awful moot a poster on ADTRW (The Anime Forum) and some other faggots needed a site that they could host their Child Porn Anime. Moot also had an obsession with 2Channel so he decided to download Futabally and translate it to English, then host it on a webserver. He originally sent it to 20 of his goon friends and eventually everyone in ADTRW and every other Something Awful board full of closet anime pedophiles (all of them) started to use 4chan and the Internet Hate Machine began.

Imageboard Guide


The seasoned Internet traveler might find himself debased when presented by the mass of confusion that is so well embodied in 4chan. It is the home of asocial, and at times anti-social, white folk who believe in the superiority of everything that is Japanese because 4chan users love anime almost as much as they love dick. It is divided into many sub-boards, each having its distinct theme for image posting to satisfy the deviant mind. Occasionally to stir up some fun, the mods place wordfilters in the boards to completely fuck around with peoples' posts/opinions. When it comes down to it, every board on 4chan is just /b/ with a theme. Everyone talks the same, complains the same, and trolls the same. Except the hentai boards, they're special. There are also a number of text boards, but nobody cares about them.

  • /3/ - Quite possibly the slowest board on 4chan, /3/ is about 3D animation (also referred to as 3DCG), and where a bunch of basement-dwelling hobbyists discuss such projects. This board is currently being bent over and raped by /b/, because due to its sluggishness (likely due to the fact that almost no one outside of the film industry wants to waste many hours learning these softwares), people go there for faggotry like combos, doubles, and otherwise predicting their post number.
  • /a/ - Animu & Mango. Basically just /v/ for anime and, as such, churns out its own memes at a similar rate. They hate anime just like /v/ hates the vidya. No longer tame by any standard, it has become a hive of numberfaggotry and ronrey otaku seeking PROMOTIONS. The rate of sages is very high since it is full of faggots.
  • /adv/ - /r9k/ 2: Electric Boogaloo. Advice is a test board that was made in attempts to deter all the bawww threads from /r9k/, and now mainly serves to assist /b/ with relief of this problem. However, this likely won't do much other than divert trolls' attention to a different board, and /r9k/ will still suck after the fact because it's /b/ with a robot dead; get over it returned with the exact same shitty robot system.
  • /an/ - Animals and shit like that. These people take their hobby very seriously. You will learn things you never needed to know about cats, iguanas, and jumping spiders. As of last Thursday, this board has pretty much become a softcore version of /b/, except with lotsa animals. They refer to themselves as /an/ts because they couldn't come up with anything better.
  • /biz/ - Looking for a board where slumdogs can give you advice on how to make the big bucks? Then this is for you. Created by moot when buttcoins overloaded the asshole of /g/ and had to unload all the e-money begging threads here. Be wary of what the /biz/raelis when then tell you how they made it.
  • /cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL. Board full of tacos that partake in salsa. Images of people dressed as their favorite anime characters are posted here. A few of those people happen to be quite obese and they get severe muffin top when they attempt to dress up as Yoko.
  • /co/ - Comics & Cartoons. Contrary to what you may infer from the title, there's nothing but non-comics & cartoons threads here. It's populated mostly by deeply closeted furfags that embrace racism and misogyny, to the point of reporting and removing posts calling them out. Also, they can't stop sucking their own cocks. They refer to themselves as /co/mrades. /co/ is currently inhabited by a janitor who will delete any thread that could even slightly be about comics and/or cartoons.
  • /d/ - /d/icks, because EVERY FUCKING CREATURE IN THERE HAS A DICK!!!1 - Perhaps the hottest of all the cartoon boards on 4chan, /d/ is where they post images of hermaphroditic females with titanically oversized tits. It should be noted that those on this board find such things sexually attractive and fap away over the posted images. But at least they don't post furries! (Except in every single monster girl thread, which all descend into working out how "furry" a picture is and thus how faggy they are. They genuinely do not see the irony in this). These people can no longer piss in a straight line due to massive fappage.
  • /diy/ - Do-It-Yourself. No, not a board for posting shit tier quality webcam photos of yourself fapping. Probably the only potentially interesting board to emerge on October 23, 2011, its purpose is to encourage the large statistic of typical 4chan users that include technophiles, hoarders, poorfags, and other people who spend way too much time at home to get their lazy asses away from the innanetz and actually do something productive with their time. To reduce the chance that this board will too quickly spiral into fun chaos, moot strictly disallowed sharing knowledge of crafting illegal items such as weapons or drug paraphernalia.
  • /f/ - Flash. This board doesn't suffer from as much faggotry as some boards due to the fact that most /b/tards have never fucking heard of it. Due to this fact, some good content has been posted on occasion, such as 8bitsharkwithwheels and flying lawnmower. Unfortunately, the rest of the content is shit already on Newgrounds, reposts of flash videos that were already posted on /f/, and unfunny black person shoops of said reposts, except worse. Furries also like to troll this place by posting yiffing flash videos to piss everyone off. On Mondays, people love to post vocaloids flash videos.
  • /fa/ - Fashion. If you're looking for hipster faggots, /fa/ is the place to find them. This board might make sense on a site that wasn't filled with overweight wapanese assholes with no fashion sense of which to speak. But sadly, this is 4chan we're talking about. Call them /fa/gs.
  • /fit/ - Health & Fitness. Made out of fatasses who think posting SQUATZ in every thread is funny. Seeing as nobody on /fit/ 4chan actually works out, the fail is doubled. The answer to every question is "SKWATZ N OATZ".
  • /g/ - Technology. A new addition full of folk lacking in life and substituting it with superficial techno-worship. It is evident to the observant electronic eye that no knowledgeable persons reside there. It used to be for guro images, but then 4chan went pussy. It is well known /g/ is filled with more sage and nerdrage than any other board. They call themselves "tech support for the lulz".
  • /gif/ - Board for posting animated GIFs of porno clips and saying "sauce" and "rapidshit" until someone goes out, finds you porn, and delivers it to you. Seriously, are you people that fucking devoted to being such utter basement-dwellers you can't just find your own porn, you have to get /gif/ to do it for you?
  • /h/ - Hentai. You can almost smell the semen-stained keyboards.
  • /hc/ - Hardcore porn. moot finally decided to let it die. One of the old boards that was revived on October 23, 2011. Probably the most normal porn you will see in any single collective area of 4chan. Expect plenty of photos of anon's ex-girlfriends.
  • /hr/ - High Resolution. Only pictures that are unnecessarily HUEG like Xbox are allowed here.
  • /i/ - No, this is not an invasion board, but a board for drawing. Why moot didn't just choose a different letter for the board is anyone's guess. The "i" apparently comes from the last letter in the word "oekaki", which is the moonspeak word for "doodle" or "scribble". The board has a built in Java application for drawing pictures to upload and share, called Shi-Painter. Not a bad board, but slower than fucked fuck. Gets about a dozen or so posts per day.
  • /his/ - Basically /pol/ with dates
  • /int/ International /b/, where trolls can troll in their own retarded language but, you will hard pressed to find anything not in english. After the closure of /new/, installed a shit fuck of auto global ban filters on certain words to "curb racism". These words are: Jew, Jews, Jewish, Zionists Nigger, /new/, Stormfront. Also, mentioning anything connecting to jews or even hinting to "racism" will result in a ban of random length.
  • /jp/ - Otaku Culture. A board made for the sole purpose of moving all the Touhou and Type-Moon, which used to make up about 85% of all the threads, outside of /a/, because they're actually off-topic. (In other words, /jp/ is /v/, except that you need to install East Asian languages and AppLocale to run anything.) Full of ronery otakus buying figurines, body pillows, and other stuff "normal" people would look down on you for possessing. Please don't think that /jp/ has anything to do with Japan. The name is misleading, and, if you go there expecting to talk about IRL Japan, you will be disappointed.
  • /k/ - Weapons. Most of the denizens of this board are young Ted Kaczynski's, who believe that "the gubmint is gonna take our guns n' put us all in FEMA camps." One of the most common topics discussed on /k/ is how to kill feds, niggers, and ZOG. The other inhabitants of /k/ are mostly Europeans and weeaboo tripfags who are there solely to troll the incredibly easily trolled /k/ommandos with gun control topics.
  • /lgbt/ - Moot's most recent attempt at going mainstream; catering to all those who are butthurt. After all, why shouldn't fags have a circlejerk board? The main board where most transissies complain about not being a girl or how badly they want to be a such a huge cock whore.
  • /lit/ here is your damn book board moot!Ep8pui8Vw2 ## Admin
  • /mlp/ - For ponyfags. Basically it's just /b/ and /co/'s lovechild. It was created when the mods got asshurt about too many pony posts, and posting pony shit outside /mlp/ was made into a bannable offense as per the site's rules. It is the only rule the mods bother to enforce.
  • /n/ - /n/igga stoled mah board. A board for some gayshit about transportation (because every faggot who comes here loves long and hard things like trains). As of now it is being bent over and raped to death by the niggers from /b/ for some fucking reason.
  • /out/ - A board where outdoorsmen talk about fishing, fishing, fishing, and google pictures of scenery.
  • /p/ - Photography. Full of pretentious hipsterfaggotry by weeaboos who take photographs when not fapping over lolicon. Whatever camera you use, they will claim that it sucks, unless it's a Pentax K-X.
  • /po/ Papercraft & Origami. It's been years since any normal person has actually given a shit about origami but, hey, it's Japanese so it must be cool! The board's abbreviation is alternatively short for "poor" since it's filled with poorfag weeaboos asking for instructions on how to make substitute animu collectibles out of cardboard (and typically failing miserably with their creations). /po/ recently suffered an invasion led by many Jacks from /b/, insistent on turning /po/ into /i/.
  • /qa/ - Allegedly the site's questions and answers board where anons can report issues with the site and rule-breaking on other boards, it has since degenerated into normalfags spamming Pepe the Frog memes and yet another excuse for the mods to get out of doing their job.
  • /r/ - A mythical board where only few traverse. If, by some luck, you manage to find it, usually after you post a picture, in any thread (Posting pictures = Requests), you'll be no closer to finding the source of the picture, because /r/ is shit and never ever fucking works. Despite this, half of the fuckholes on 4chan will still sage your thread because YOU NEED TO POST 10 IMAGES OR ELSE ITS A REQUEST HURRRRR.
  • /r9k/ AKA Robot9000 aka Arcanine - The main hangout of whiny faggots and liberals on 4chan. /r9k/ is the most popular of the trial boards added in early 2008 gone now. It was intended to be like a /b/ that did not allow reposts in hopes of promoting OC, and had a bot that tried (often unsuccessfully) to prevent them from occurring. However, it was not initially taken into consideration that this idea is actually something of an impossibility, since 99% of /b/ is reposts of reposts of reposts. Rather than it being reduced to yet another seldom visited board as one may have assumed, it quickly degenerated into a TL;DR fest of whiny relationship threads and pseudo-intellectualism; in other words, basically /b/ with a pretense of intelligence and no sense of humor. When /adv/ was split from it, the original proceeded to get even worse, and it was finally removed in early 2011 (followed by weeks of random idiots swarming /b/ with "BRING BACK MY /R9K/" posts). It was revived by mootikins on October 23, 2011 along with an apology claiming that he felt like he acted too much like whalevinyl upon deleting something that certain users had claimed their purpose for despite it going against his original intended purpose. Many would like to think that this much empathy on his part was true, but we all know that it was actually just yet another dose of the chemo that is curing /b/ (in attempts to prevent the antilulzy TL;DR opinion and personalfaggotry discussions from emerging on /b/ and being bumped a thousand times). The board in its current state has no apparent purpose other than to resume serving as a /soc/ for virgins with rage who don't plan to leave their house.
  • /s/ - A place for preteen fanboys to yell NAME! SAUCE! MOAR! and fap to pr0n. The entire board consists of reposts of the same 500 images from the last two years. Not /r/.
  • /sci/ - Science & Math. Most serious posters are Basement Dwelling Agnostic Atheists with Aspergers and an IQ in the low 180s. Flooded with religion and pseudo-science threads from /b/tards, along with requests for help with algebra homework from 13 year old boys. After it being made very clear that a bunch of butthurt atheists kept on whining about the mods not giving two halves of a flying fuck about /sci/ or the metric fuckton of trolling, some attention-looking fame-hungry teenager made a spinoff of /sci/, entitled SciChan. Is presently heaven on Earth for people whose favorite trolling topic is probability math.
  • /soc/ - Social (aka Fat Camwhores and Faggots); or, part of the chemo that is curing /b/. Created very early in 2011, the board's contents are 95% cancerous bullshit transferred from /b/ to attempt to cut down in 'Rate X', 'Post your area code' matchmaking threads, amongst other things. In other words, /soc/ is primarily the offspring of a half-dead /b/, in a shameless attempt to revive 4chan's flagship forum. Populated mostly by camwhores, (insert US province)fags, and anon. At one time, /soc/ was also a tripfag wonderland where a tripfag could become more popular than all others by continually whoring themselves however moot feared that someone might become more popular than him so he disabled trip ability. Now you may only namefag. WARNING: Nigger and Jew are now auto-ban words.
  • /sp/ - Sports board. Good luck finding a thread that isn't USA vs. Europe, or about how BAWWston sucks cocks. 18-1.
  • /tg/ - For the obscure 4channer demographic that so desperately needs to evade reality, they play tabletop RPGs (Which everybody knows are against the will of our Lord, Mudkipz, and well, just plain wrong). Posting anything other than Warhammer: 40,000 and Magic: The Gathering or similar, or elf porn, will get you banned. Srsly.
  • /trash/ - A secret hidden board where threads /co/ or /v/ doesn't want to deal with are dumped, as well as a place to discuss anything that isn't allowed on the other boards. Miraculously, despite being nothing but furry porn, it is the only board with actual manners and decent people, though again, that's not saying much.
  • /trv/ - Travel. As in outside of mom's basement. One of the quieter boards on 4chan, obviously. People who do travel most likely wouldn't even go on 4chan in the first place, but sometimes, tourist post vacation pics in which, unsurprisingly, nobody gives a shit about.
  • /tv/ - Obligatory television/movie board. Has strange, stalker-like obsessions with Summer Glau, Sasha Grey, and Creepy-chan (Allison Harvard), which comprise about 70% of the board's content thanks to a sad, lonely samefag. Many posters enjoy adoring Dr. James Wilson/Robert Sean Leonard from House, who has a sizable contingent of fans, most of whom are either bi-curious, gay, or girls. Supernatural fans get their wincest on, which is par for /tv/'s course.
  • /u/ - Board for fat men pretending to be women and 13 year old girls looking to discuss the latest chapter of their favorite worksafe cutesy romance manga. Home of stolen pixiv artwork that these faggots are too lazy to credit (which simply requires using their fat fingers to press ctrl and v to actually credit the original faggot who made artwork for other faggots to choke the one-eyed snake to).
  • /v/ - /b/ with vidya gaems. Populated by trolls, former GameFAQs users, former /b/tards, console fanboys, and people who masturbate to PROMOTIONS. It's a common misconception that /v/ has no mods. This is untrue; /v/ has mods, they're just a bunch of lazy niggers. They refer to themselves as /v/irgins.
  • /vr/ - Because the /v/ and /vg/ boards weren't enough, moot had the brilliant idea to add a Retro Gaming board. They haven't decided on a name for themselves yet, but no doubt they'll come up with something awesome like /vr/etards. Actually they're known as VR Troopers, and this board was needed to stem the tide of massive butthurt (that usually stems from someone having a sense of humor) and dramafagging. So far it's been more mellow than other boards, although faggotry still leaks in, such as furious debates over the shadow of the Black Omen from Chrono Trigger. Easiest way to piss them off is to mention Kaizo or Terry.
  • /vp/ - LOLPOKEMANZ!!1!1 moot created this board on July 14, 2010 due to the large amount of "Pokemon General" threads on /v/. Frequent users of this board like to refer to themselves as /tr/ainers in attempts to further distance themselves from /v/. Nowadays, these fine folks prefer to call themselves "/vp/oreons", omitting the "a" of the name of a Pokémon they are all too familiar with. People who regularly visit /vp/ include underage b&, aspie adults, butthurt Digimon fans, and closeted furries. JUST MAKE SURE NOT TO POST HENTAI WITHOUT A SPOILER TAG; THIS IS A WORKSAFE BOARD GUISE!
  • /w/ - For all your wallpapers anime. As can be noted by merely observing that "w" comes before "wg", the anime board must have appeared such, only strengthening the entire "Japanese are 1,000x cooler than us" mentality. The only board that lacks (well, not as much "lack" as has a decline in) this philosophy is /b/.
  • /wg/ - Wallpapers/General. A board devoted to posting desktop wallpapers with pictures of anything ranging from cars to girls to random geometric designs and colorful scenery, anything else a spoiled teenage boy or other typical basement dweller desires yet is unable to afford; likely due to his tendency to waste money on things like the latest several hundred dollars each series of displays for a multiple monitor setup. Also includes people too stupid to check 4scrape.
  • /wsg/ - "Work-safe" version of /gif/. Recently made after various requests by people tired of all the porn on /gif/.
  • /y/ - This is where girls and guys masturbate to sodomy. When not doing so, they battle over which is hotter: guys that look like girls fucking each other or guys that would give Rambo an inferiority complex fucking each other. One of the four realms where women exist on the internet.

Former/Retired Boards

  • /5/ - A "secret" board that existed for a brief while a long time ago and probably involved mods posting pictures of the number 5 or something.
  • /fk/ - For Kidz. Was opened as a joke board, but unlike /s4s/ didn't get to stay. Became password protected for a long time before being quietly snuffed sometime around 2012. Was likely moved to /j/, as attempting to access /j/ brings up a login window.
  • /g/ - Before there was the /g/ we all know and hate, the /g/ board of 4chan stood for Guro, i.e. gore porn. Was shut down in late 2004.
  • /l/ - Lolicon. Despite newfags denying its existence, and moot himself trying to make everyone forget about it, for a while 4chan had a dedicated loli board. The board went through expected turbulence, up to and including being deleted for a while, before being finally shut down completely in late 2004. Moved to not4chan.org by moot afterwards (don't bother clicking that, you sick fuck. not4chan itself has been dead for years).
  • /q/ - 4chan Discussion, added by moot as a place for butthurt faggots to cry about how shit and cancer filled the internet anus has become.
  • /z/ - An oldfag board far more cancerous than even present-day /b/, if you can even fathom such a concept. The board was constantly trolled by randomly chosen mods who liked to decorate it with animated GIF backgrounds and looped music. Users given a "/z/ ban" would not be able to access any other board but this one. After its removal, attempting to view it will only allow you to see the lovely placeholder page that has since taken its place.

A Typical 4chan user

Ultimate Banhammer.jpg

4chan Moderators

4chan's moot shortly after gaining his diploma in Mexican Vice Studies.
Team 4chan at Otakon 2005
This will happen to you.

All of 4chan's moderators were moot's friends from Something Awful or people who have lurked in #janiteam and #team4chan on Rizon until they turned into snail-people. You really do not want to be one.

Former Mods

  • W. T. Snacks was famous for banning many newfags on /b/ in an effort to make /b/ good. That made him cool. Moot got jealous of his e-fame and stripped him of his rank. He's less involved in the chan scene now, although he occasionally posts on /mu/ and /r9k/ with a tripcode. He also runs a radio show, "Midnight Snacks." His tripcode is TcT.PTG1.2 and he can be found in #4chan.
  • MrSpooky is an ex-mod who spawned the catchphrases "I've never seen so many ingrates" and "You'll receive nothing from me." He frequently made stickies on /b/ begging for money because he got thrown in jail and now he needs donations to pay off his court fees. Smells real great. Now located here at ED with all you other fuckers as Mrs.Pooky!
  • Anonymous-San - Quit due to stress, also due to him attempting to get it on with some 4chan girl (more info welcome).
  • Shut
  • Censored Vagina - Permabanned Something Awful pedophile. Talks about child genitals a lot.
  • hova
  • JDigital
  • FrankStallone - Also known as dr.wiii. A huge Macfag and Nintendo DS gamer. Has a hard on for Churuya-san. He quit the internet (retired from modship) as of 12/1/2010.
  • Shii - Wrote an earlier version of the textboards and ran them until he caused drama with moot.
  • Allyson - A fat, underage whore that looks like the ugly tree that raped her through childhood, managed to go down on Moot long enough for him to give her Mod status. During all of this she apparently stalked a 4channer from her hometown, making her a slut. She's a filthy camwhore that has dozens of STDs and suffers from being a wapanese faggot.
  • DocEvil - Started out a Janitor on /tv/ eventaully became a mod and over the summer became a /b/ mod. Mod removed after his friend got on his account and started baleeting shit. He is back
  • InspRedwood- A notorious mod best known for shitting up /a/, started out as a janitor on /co/ back in 2013 and became reviled for his/her constant heavy policing of threads, after the GamerGate incident was promoted to a mod and has since crusaded across 4chan as a ban happy SJW lunatic. Commonly seen circlejerking and stirring up drama on the IRC.

Current Mods/Mod Sympathizers

4chan's "#janiteam" channel on Rizon
Janitor channel. Some of these motherfuckers are literally mods now
  • ALTERNATIVE - Joining as 4chan's lead coder/scripter back in 2004, notable for asking moot to create /tg/, therefore a hugely socially inept beardo. Also goes by the IRC nicks "Dave" and "buttly". Has a yellow wife (a la Kyanka) who is shamefully ugly, as evinced by the fact that she had to settle for a 4chan dork instead of a more sukksessufuru Amelican. His likes include outdated computer equipment, having theory-of-mind problems, and ancient shitty games. Has since become one of the sites three Admins with moots departure
Troid in all his beta glory.
  • Dongfix, aka Enumeric. Another shitty gamer. Owns Imgbear.com and writes scripts for janitors and mods to be hosted there. Information showing proving as such was first possibly leaked here. Feel free to read that thread and take a look at the external links.
  • Sporks - Real name: Dan Levin is best known for wearing the yotsuba TF2 mask at Otakon.
  • Zanok
At left, Invisibro works on making whiteness even more humiliating.
  • Zephro
  • pixel - Startlingly dumb /b/ tripfag whose only claim to fame is the GET they mention in their vhost. May have been known as "maggot"/"kyat" at one point and is an actual "woman" insofar as it possesses a vagina-like aperture.
  • MrVacBob - Succeeded Shii in writing and administrating the textboards. Enjoys programming and anime. AKA "Alexander Strange".
  • I_AM_ABIB - Retro gaymer dork and anime pedo. Formerly a mere janitor, ABIB and a number of other second bananas were promoted to moderator in late '09 and began taking out their long-stifled aggressions on the boards. Rivals ALTERNATIVE in terms of burbling autistic hostility.
  • Jay Irwin / Invisibro / gingermod / swaglord - Balding, roid-raging ginger, also an [s4s] mod that sometimes posts in papyruse and comic sans.
  • Concord- Retarded /b/ Mod who on accident posted with his name in his capcode instead of Anonymous ## MOD
  • Troid- Real name Zack, resident tumblrina, redditor and mangina, usually found shitting up /a/ and cache banning any images from the site that end up exposing him. Was originally assigned in maintaining the 4chan archives but later had his archive privileges removed after going on a mass deletion spree whilst trying to cover up information about himself that was stored within the archives, despite such he retained his mod rights.
  • RapeApe - A patron saint of /pol/, presumably the guy who sticked a video celebrating trumps victory on there. Known to be a Qboomer/fan of Tucker Carlson or some shit, his endorsement of /pol/ shenanigans has caused extreme butthurt from the mainstream media, claiming that 4chan is now a NATZEEE SITE!!!!!!!!1111ONE Cannot be entirely trusted, as he was one of the faggots known to delete GamerGate threads on /v/ back in 2014.

The login page for admin is [server name].4chan.org/[board name]/admin.php. The page for /b/ can be found here


Underage B&s are the cancer that is killing /b/.

Before cancer took over 4chan, most users were above the age of eighteen. Thanks mainly due to gore. /b/ used to be a horrifying place and only those with the mental stability to handle the kind of shit posted had the balls to even lurk. Even when less horrifying memes became popular, the overall sense was terrifying. It was a bad idea to leave /b/ on your computer when you went to go take a shit.

Now, however, every post is written by someone around age twelve. These faggots found out about 4chan through researching the black person on Habbo Hotel. Most hang around because /b/ is turning into the new eBaum's World, with funny parodies/2edgy4me jokes on real world events, pics of people SHOOPIN DER WHOOPS, and a place to get free pr0n without getting a virus as well.

This problem could be easily fixed if 4chan's mods grew some balls and started overly enforcing the ban hammer, but we all know that will never happen since if it did, there would be no /b/ left.

Sticky, the 4chan Posting Guide

Meet Sticky! He's your guide to shitposting on /b/.

Sticky is 4chan's latest technology, a mutant inbred offspring of Jews and Clippit that moot worked really, really hard on for at least 100 sleepless days in order to help newfags spout memes more and actually sound like they know what they're talking about to other newfags. While Sticky says he would like to help you with trolling, he probably just wants to help you write a suicide note or rape you. He also doesn't seem to understand that copypasta and trolling is usually intricate work, and trying to do so without any experience will result in cancer like THE BEST and So Cash. Especially when he's flamboyant about his sexuality and weeaboo status. The best thing you can do is disable JavaScript or click "Don't show this tip again," although it likely won't do anything, because it didn't work any better trying to hide Clippit.

4chan goes 2.0

Their faggy 2.0 front page.

4chan 2.0.gif

The Day 4chan Died

A long, long, time ago,
I can still remember how that website used to make me smile

And I knew if I had my cat
That I could make those people laugh
And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while.

But December made me shiver
With every pic I’d deliver.
Bad news on the front page;
I couldn’t do anything but rage.

I can’t remember if I fainted out
When I read about this sellout,
But something touched me deep inside
The day the 4chan died.

So bye-bye, Epic Fail Guy.
Pointed my browser at the homepage,
But the homepage made me cry.
And them Robert Hawkins was drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.
"this’ll be the day that I die."

Did mootle write the book of love,
And have you lost all faith in God above,
If the /b/ board tells you so?
Do you believe in An Hero,
Can 4chan save your mortal soul,
And can you teach me how to die real slow?

So bye-bye, Epic Fail Guy.
Pointed my browser at the homepage,
But the homepage made me cry.
And them Robert Hawkins was drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.
"this’ll be the day that I die."

Now for four years we’ve been on our own
And mootle grows fat on his new page of home,
But that’s not how it used to be.
When Pedobear sang for the Partyvan,
Using CP he borrowed from 4chan
And a voice that came from anon alone,

Oh, and while the FBI were looking down,
Pedobear stole his horny crown.
The courtroom was adjourned;
The CP was returned.
And while pedobear read a book of loli,
The anon waited in the park,
And we sang the Bel Air theme in the dark
The day 4chan died.

No-one knew what the new hompepage meant,
The anons lurked in their mothers basement,
Eight hours old and failing fast.
It landed with web 2.0 on it's ass.
The /b/tards tried for a bangbros pass,
With slowpoke on the sidelines in a cast.

Now the Bel Air was sweet perfume
While the /b/tards played a marching tune.
We all got up to the pool,
Oh, and we made habbo look like fools!
`cause the afros tried to block the way;
The pool was closed, due to aids.
Do you recall who was r34'd
The day the 4chan died?

We started singing,
bye-bye, Epic Fail Guy.
Pointed my browser at the homepage,
But the homepage made me cry.
And them Robert Hawkins was drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.
"this’ll be the day that I die."

The Future (old copypasta)

The change to the front page of 4chan may not appear
to have any significant effects as far as practicality goes.
But, I believe that it foreshadows much darker times to come.
For those who have their eyes open, you realize that almost
the whole world has been taken control of by a very corrupt and ruthless group of people.

This occurred through incremental methods, making small,
seemingly meaningless changes until so many changes had been made to society,
everything was different without anyone noticing. I believe that is what is
happening with 4chan. Mootle is making seemingly trivial changes to 4chan at
a slow pace, which will ultimately lead to our deepest fears: 4chan as an account-based
paysite with official merchandise, big corporate sponsorship, fake, contrived aesthetics,14
and perhaps even an official account of the history of 4chan which differs from reality.
Age verification will take place to visit any 18+ boards. All posts will be recorded.
GETS will be staged for real.

I've been here for over two years. I still feel like a "newfag"
(which is a word mostly used by newfags, ironically) but lately I realize
I've been here longer than 90% of 4chan users. Anyone who has been around
as long as I have can see that the real issue isn't the quality of posted
content, it's the changes that have been made to 4chan itself, the same way
things happen with any big corporation.

tl;dr, kill yourselves now

4chan - hurt

I checked on /b/ today
To see if I still feel
I see its filled with gay
What the fuck is their deal

The gays have but one hole
The traps are now a thing
Try to close the gay away
But I remember everything

What has /b/ become?
My sweetest friend
The oldfags that I knew
Went away in the end

And you can check what you want
My 4chan of shit
It will let you down
It will make you cringe

I close my browser now
Upon my dirty screen
Full of jizz and cum
I cannot make clean

I remember a great time
When WT snacks was there
Now he's somewhere else
He is still not here

And you can check what you want
My 4chan of shit
It will let you down
It will make you cringe

If I were but a mod
On my favorite chan
I would ban all the gay
I would find a way



On February 12, 2008 Moot posted his fucking will (tl;dr) on the news page basically talking about imminent changes on 4chan (new trial boards, more janitors, how much he loves the site and much more).

02/19/2008 - The Trial boards and the death of Old /n/ - News

The thread that killed /n/.

On February 19, 2008, Moot added 9 new "trial" boards: /fa/ (Fashion), /fit/ (Health & Fitness), /hc/ (Hardcore), /jp/ (Japan/General), /n/ (Transportation, replacing News), /r9k/ (ROBOT9000), /sp/ (Sports), /toy/ (Toys) and /trv/ (Travel), while at the same time killing the commie-phobic /n/.

The Occupation of /n/

During a battle with the site's upstream provider, the "/n/-transportation" board (which m♡♡t moderates) was forced off topic. The declarative post (to begin the occupation) was made on Monday, the 11th of April, 2008 at 7:13 pm with the text "Hello, I'm David Bowie." This was a blatant reference to the Adult Swim show the "Venture Brothers", and within the hour there were multiple threads about Barack Obama, the Beijing Olympics, abortion and the Texas Polygamist Raid. It was more than obvious that the anoraks had been invaded and their board occupied in order to be converted back to "/n/-news", yet, in the early hours of the morning, the "admins" reset the posts to remove anything not related to transport.


4chan on Jeopardy

On February 23rd 2010, a clue was featured on Jeopardy in a category entitled 'Internet' containing a reference to 4chan.org:

What is CP?

4chan and the End of Days

On the 1st of April 2010, a date which will always be remembered for April fools, took a dark turn for the humble Anonymous posters of 4chan. Moot being the Jew he is, intergrated a 4chan facebook feature, meaning camwhores and faggots can now post directly between the two websights. This will lead to a influx of newfags like Anontalk to CP. Thx Moot, good to see you always stuck out for the team. This was also marked with the second rising of Boxxy in the form of Deafsy. All contact has been lost with /v/, with only images of babby and a J-POP song being seen and heard, its the end, rape your children for you soon won't be able too.

On the 4th of April the facechan functionality was revealed to be a lame April Fool's joke, with the title of /b/ changing to lol i trol u, resulting in much bawwing and rage. Joke's on moot, though, as any faggot knows that you have to admit to your joke by midday on April 1st. Although the faggots that fell for it fail just as hard.


Due to the fact that the typical 4chan lurker is not a wanna be moderator, on the seventh birthday ( 10/1/03 ) Moot opened up a meebo account only to have it overflowed within minutes. Moot redeemed his butt hurt fans by opening up an irc.

Operation Overlord

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Operation Overlord.

On the 14th of November 2010, 4chan was invaded by tumblr. Reactions such as "NOW WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO." erupted from now bonerless /b/tards everywhere.

Oh, lol, actually, tumblr failed and only DDoS'd the front page.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Giga Pudding.

On the 1st of December 2010 some fucking hoebag embedded this video at the top of every board on 4chan, although cute and pretty lulzy at first, prolonged exposure to this video will ultimately drive you to finding the nearest pregnant woman and giving her a forced abortion with a rusty ladel while screaming uncontrollably and crushing your testicles with your bare hands. How hard is it to use AdBlock?


4/22/11 = THE END IS NEAR

On all NSFW pages of 4chan, the ads have gone. Possibly, due to the content of nature of the NSFW boards, essentially /b/, the Advertising company ditched moot and left him for dead ad-less and thus loosing money. Hopefully, 4chan won't end up like the old ED...

All NSFW pages now have ads again.


As news came out regarding the death of Bin Laden, moot decided to embed AMERICA FUCK YEAH into the /b/ board. this of course became old within minutes and /b/tards started banging their heads into their keyboards in an attempt to break their ears so they didn't have to hear it anymore.

10/23/11 moot resurrects boards

moot resurrects /r9k/, /new/ (now /pol/), and /hc/, and creates /diy/.

The Siege

4chan was DDoS'd on and off between 11/14/11 and 11/17/11. No word yet on the culprit, everything from tumblr (highly likely) to lulzsec (unlikely) has been put forward.


New Old /b/

It was Valentine's Day 2012. Considering moot likes penis, he had nobody to stick it into. Bored out of his mind, he had the bright idea to perhaps start managing 4chan again. For once, he listened to Anon, because he actually allowed the pathetic virgins that inhabit to talk to their god and give Him suggestions. For a brief moment, OC flowed like fresh blood through a rotting corpse. Post ending in XXX has been restored is still gone :(, ponies and Chloe threads paused, and Moot said he would be adding up to 15 new boards, including a a brony board. Could this be the Second Re/b/oot? For a while, it seemed like it wouldn't, but then moot did the unthinkable: He restored forced Anon but proceeded to give every poster 24-hour ID's, so posters are anonymous while not actually anonymous. /b/ finally returned to form: Cancer, shitposts and reposts have all but died. OC flowed through the land once again. But moot will find a way to fuck it up somehow.

Update: It went to hell quickly, cancer became terminal on /b/ once more, and moot ended up removing IDs in September the next year.


2013 was the 10th year of 4chan, and as such, many exciting, new changes took place.

New Boards

In 2013 moot added several new boards: /gd/ for the hipsters, /asp/ for the alternative sports fans, /vr/ for the nostalgiafigs, /lgbt/ for the LGBT users (read: all of them,) and the infamous [s4s] for the funposters.

AWA Con Panel

After a dinner with old 4chan mods, moot had the absolutely great idea of holding another 4chan panel, despite the disastrous results of the Otakon panels years before. Since he and 4chan were banned from having another panel at Otakon, Atlanta's AWA con was the nexyt best place to ruin. And so it was. Several days before the actual tenth anniversary, the panel was streamed live on YT. Users from boards such as /b/, /s4s/ and others crowded into synchtube-clone site rooms to watch the panel, resulting in shitposting across all boards as well as in the chats of said stream sites. The panel itself was incredibly boring and the only highlight was W.T. Snacks shouting an old classic, "why does your website suck," at moot after snatching the microphone from someone else who was probably just going to shout a catchphrase himself anyway.

For half an hour before the panel, all text on 4chan was turned bold.

Deletion of /q/

/q/ was deleted, and replaced with a hardly-used suggestion box.


2014 was a year with much lulz for 4chan but it will go into history as it's fatal year. It was the year in which the 3 main happenings (Independance Day Tumblr Raid, The Fappening and Gamergate) triggered the downfall of 4chan and m00t finally gave in to the SJWs and became a traitor to his own chan.

April Fools' 2014

For April 1 2014, 4chan added a new site-wide notice explaining the change in the CAPTCHA system to the Japanese spelling of CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN for the sake of improving the education of the userbase. The notice ends with the equally weeaboo ゆっくりしていってね!!, which is another equally terrible jap reference.

Aussie Events

Sometime in April 4chan was hacked by someone and all their faggot janitors got doxed. This resulted in mass confusion and celebratory champagne.

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Independence Day Tumblr Raid

The Fappening

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: The Fappening.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: GamerGate.

4chan is kill

Rumors have it that shortly after the Independence Day Invasion, Moot was contacted by a mysterious individual whom claimed a girl had committed suicide over said raid, Moot, being the dickless faggot he is, complied with this individual's every demand in fear of getting v& IRL, most notably, it included giving all oldfag mods the finger and replacing them with new mods straight from tumblr who happily throw out permabans to users who post threads about Zoe Quinn, gamergate, and those who dare criticize feminism.

Many believe 4chan has turned into an SJW infested shithole with no freedom of speech and therefore starting with the great 4chan exodus many anons started to migrate to their new home 8chan, where freedom of speech and privacy is taken seriously. It is assumed that m00t started to behave like a cuck because he did not want negative media attention for his new project canvas but he failed to reaize that his canvas project never had any chance. It is also believed that m00t gave in to the SJW becase he wanted to sell 4chan and therefore he had to mak the page appear as civillized as possible. Especially 2014 was a year with much drama involving the independance day raid, the fappening and the gamergate scandal which turned a lot of negative attention to 4chan.

4chan is kill About missing Pics
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January 2015 - Final sellout and le cuck est mort

An 18th century representation of 4chan.

On 2015-01-17 a new requirement paper for 4chan janitors was leaked to 8chan's Hotwheels by an enraged 4chan Janitor and confirmed what many anons already assumed after the exodus. 4chan now officialy wanted his janitors to provide identification documents, a photograph that would be uploaded on a server so everybody can steal it and sign a legally binding contract in order to be fucking unpaid and voluntary janitors. Yes you read it right. m00t has now confirmed a second time that he is a SJW cuck who gives a shit about freedom and his shithole of imageboard is definetely dead. After he heard about the leak he pretended he wanted to post it anyway and made a posting on the official 4chan blog about it but secretly he was mad that he got exposed once again for the faggot he is.

After the dust settled a bit over the weekend (as it was anyway clear since September that m00t is a SJW sellout bitch) m00t announced on 2015-01-22 that he will retire from his postition as 4chan admin. It was now clear that Hotwheels was the new emperor in the land of imageboards and the indulgent emperor he was, he even participated in m00ts farewell party that was organized on 8chan under the name of #jesuismoot and on the 8chan board /jesuismoot/ (just like the je suis charlie news that were prominent at that time). Hotwheels was not mad about m00t and remembered the good old days when he was on 4chan in his childhood and thanked m00t for the good time like a true indulgent emperor to a little brat.

However 8chans userbase did not share the good sentiments of their leader and decided to ridicule m00t on various image macros and thread postings. A phrase that was often used at that time was "le cuck est mort" a deviation of the French "le cock est mort" meaning the rooster is dead from the famous french song "le cock est mort". Another phrase that was used was "le roi est mort - vive le roi" implying that Hotwheels was now the unquestionned emperor of the imageboard-o-sphere. Also a funny fact is that Hotwheels was actually sleeping when m00t announced this because he lives in the Philippines and they have a time shift compared to America and so he was very surprised and one of the later ones who learned about m00ts retirement.

However, 4chan was now officially dead after about 11 years and 8chan also felt another influx of 4chan newfags who were in denial about the happenings of the last months but apparently noticed that they are now beeing ruled by SJW mods who started flooding their chan.

September 2015 - The End Two - Electric Boogaloo

On 9-21-15 the final death knell rang for 4chan's passing when m00t announced that Hiroyuki Nishimura (former owner and admin of 2ch) would be taking his place as new head moderator and owner.
Nishimura has a reputation for being a massive faggot who was even unable to pay his server bills and violated Japanese privacy laws. After Jim took over 2ch, Nishimura was allowed to keep his admin position but in the end Jim had to fire him anyway because he was caught selling user data for jew goldz and letting political parties pay him for the right to shill on the website. Nishimura then got butthurt that he was kicked and started DDoS-ing 2ch in revenge. After this action the whole 2ch userbase hated him even more than before and he even today still has persona-non-grata status all over 2ch.

He also allegedly had ties to the japanese government and american 3-letter organizations.
m00t has fucked off since January to become a redditcuck.

Le cuck est mort About missing Pics
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A reading from Genesis

In the beginning, there was Moot.
On the first day, Moot created 4chan and said "Lo, this is 4chan, bringer of pain."
On the second day, Moot created Anonymous. They became lonely so Moot created [[Bridget]];
Anonymous complained of this trap, but Moot proclaimed "There are no girls on the interbutt, Bridget will suffice."
On the third day, Moot gave man tripcode. "Behold tripcode," he said. "Only ye who wish to forgive may perform." 
On the fourth day, Moot created /b/, and many Anonymous rejoiced.
On the fifth day, the server crashed, Moot's creation was in disarray and MySQL errors killed off many Anonymous with no mercy.
On the sixth day, there was a sticky, and many complained of this sticky and thus proclaimed 'This sticky sux0rz.'
On the seventh day, Moot sold 4chan.

Trump's effect on 4chan

Trump Election Feels.png

Mobile Browser Support

4chan makes a big deal out of the fact it supports mobile browsers. It even goes so far as to provide neat columns of images to fap to as you plan your next epic troll.

However, don't bother trying to post if you're one of the 300 million people who use Opera Mini. Or one of the over 9000 people who use Opera's Main competitor, UC Browser. In their fight against trolls, spammers, rabid bronies, and Lucifer himself, 4chan bans anything vaguely resembling a proxy. Opera Mini passes all data through Opera servers, and these are treated as satanic proxies. Some might question why 4chan doesn't simply read the real IP address from Opera Mini's header data like any properly designed website should. The answer to that question will be someday discovered on /b/. Or perhaps /v/. Or,even possibly, /q/.


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See: 4chan/IRC.

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