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FoundationApril 20, 2005
Major Boards/b/, /weed/, /jenk/
Epic WinsEpilepsy Raid, Fox News, Hal Turner, Subeta

420chan, run by Kirtaner, a social reject from Something Awful and a pedophilic faggot who decided to create a site with more specialized boards covering those facets of internet culture which not even 4chan's /b/, the toilet of the internet, dares to cover, is an imageboard mostly filled with a strange combination of completely stoned people, video games, and wrestling lovers. Its origins are shrouded in complete and total mystery.420chan has no memes for one simple reason: no one can remember them.

420chan has a wide array of shitty boards, each with a regular userbase of around 4 people (although some argue it's just one guy on a proxy); this includes a large variety of drug boards, /po/kemon (superior to papercraft and origami), /sh/enanigans (filled with the sort of people that made dorm life suck), and intellectual boards like philosophy and politics (filled with stoners trying to sound smart and not making sense 100% of the time). They also have the original versions of boards like /dino/ that nobody important copied. One notable aspect is that its music board allows direct file uploads so that you can share music instead of discussing it while desperately looking for the torrent.

420chan tends to be where stupid kids go to brag about how much weed they smoke. From time to time, it gets clogged up with a combination of displaced teenage fuckups, with their battle cries of "OMG MAD CHRONIC YO" and newfags banned from 4chan for being too gay even for 4chan's /b/.

When 4chan is down, 420chan is typically one of the first places they go, 7chan usually being down. /B/tards from 4chan are normally accepted as long as they leave their AIDS and fail behind at 4chan when they post, those that don't usually end up B&.

If you don't 420chan, then...Fuck You


— 420chan banner

feem and tinal got owned by spardot's PMS lol



Too many people coming from four chan. The internet's butthole is getting overpopulated, and shit is starting to overflow all around... Let's hope that the 420's SLAYER will open the minds of the idiots that are coming here, and that it won't be too late before they mend their idiotic ways.


— 420chan /b/tard


Typical thread in /spooky/ leading to fisting.
typical thread on /bb/
An outdated survey that does not reflect the increase in Pokémon over the years.

- Miscellaneous - Random shit that doesn't fit anywhere else.

  • /420/ - 420chan Discussion - DAMN STONERS GB2/weed/!!! This is not a fucking discussion on drugs fgts.
  • /sh/ - Shenanigans - When trolling is taken into the real world. "Hey I cut off this asshole's head and shit down his neck, shit was so cash."
  • /ani/ - Animals - Discussion of animals and shit. Posting of animals mating is a common way users troll this board.
  • /bridget/ - Bridget - A board for everyone who's gay/straight for him/her. Meaning everyone.
  • /gore/ - Gore - Spardots fapping material.
  • /h/ - Hentai Weeaboo Wank Material - The only safehaven for weeaboos on 420chan. Lucky Star appreciation threads are deleted on sight however.
  • /w/ - Wallpapers -

- New/Trial Boards -

  • /wc/ - *Wildcard* - The only board with multiple personality disorder (well...aside from netjester).
  • /nj/ - Netjester AI - The text i am high, i can only speak nonsense netjester, i will never reach his destination (aristotle, physics, 239b11). Another popular version of this board?
  • /dr/ - Dreams - like /spooky/ minus the paranoia.
  • /st/ - Style - Hipster Central.
  • /sagan/ - Space - "Just saw the last Shuttle launch, shit was so cash."
  • /nra/ - Weapons - A place for users to discuss DEAGLE™ brand Deagles, because when they see my Deagle they'll know it's a DEAGLE™.

- Drugs - Here are the many drug boards (it's called 420chan for a reason, fgt).

  • /weed/ - Marijuana- "Just smoked 5 bowels this morning, feels good man." Common replies are "cool story bro" and "OH GODDAMN IM TRIPPING BALLS".
  • /hooch/ - A place for guys to come and chat / relax in a calm envir- GODDAMNIT JULIE I SHCWEARRR... IFN YOU INSHERRUPT ME WHILE I'M POSTSLINGG.. I'LL FUCKININGN GIV U ANUVVER JBLAKEYE!.
  • /mdma/ - Ecstasy - Sure is raverfag in here.
  • /psy/ - Psychedelics - Filled with a combination of underage b& faggots who understand nothing about drugs whatsoever ("lol hay u guise I just ate these mushrooms I found in my back yard am I gonna die lol"), several butthurt hippy faggots who will make every thread into a scientific argument, stuck up people who think that I'M A MAD SHAMAN BRO!!! and burnt out hippies who really belong in /tinfoil/
  • /stim/ - Stimulants - Hey d00ds how do I get my doctor to prescribe me Adderall? Also meth and coke addicts.
  • /dis/ - Dissociatives - Used to be a good place to talk about PCP, Ketamine etc but is now populated by people who don't have access to real drugs and therefore have to chug several bottles of cough syrup to get their required high.
  • /opi/ - Opiates - Filled with junkies sharing their stories about how society is so unfair, and that they're so pissed at that pharmacy for kicking them out when they started screaming inside when they were refused sale for needles adults who have graduated past weed onto the delicious Big Boy drugs like OxyContin and Fentanyl. The odd heroin thread does appear.
  • /smoke/ - Tobacco (there's almost as much cancer here as there is in 4chan's /b/)
  • /benz/ - Benzodiazepines - used to be a good place to talk about Valium, Xanax, Ativan, etc., but now filled with 'hay guys just tk 5 ambiennnn holy shit snakeesss$$'
  • /del/ - Deleriants - Another board filled with underage b& faggots, who are desperate enough to pop at least 100 benadryls to get high. Posters who ask about Datura / Nightshade typically don't come back because they're having a delerious satanic orgy with spiders shortly before they die.
  • /other/ - Other Drugs - The "hard" drugs like Elmer’s glue, Kool-Aide, and Oregano are typically discussed here.
  • /jenk/ - Jenkem - The most insightful and logical of all the boards on 420chan.
  • /high/ - High Stuff - A new and exciting board that has nothing at all to do with /b/ in the slightest.

- Lifestyle - Boards for any lifestyle niche (except furfags and weeaboos)

  • /bb/ - Bawww Blog - DRAMA EVERYWHERE
  • /ana/ - Fitness Discussion -
  • /car/ - Transportation -
  • /nom/ - Food and Munchies -
  • /cd/ - Crossdressers - Contains enough drama to rival /bb/. Also DO I PASS U GUAIS???
  • /kinky/ - Kinky Clothing and Toys -
  • /ga/ - Gay Adult - DICKS EVERYWHERE
  • /sa/ - Straight Adult - Dat ass.

- Media -

  • /616/ - Comics - A great place to discuss Watchmen and complain how shitty the movie was.
  • /f/ - Flash - Because Newgrounds is for faggots.
  • /gif/ - Animated Gifs -
  • /mma/ - Mixed Martial Arts Discussion - A board for...wrestling?
  • /mtv/ - Movies and Television Discussion -
  • /n/ - World News -
  • /po/ - Pokémon Discussion -
  • /Balls/ - Sports -
  • /tg/ - Traditional Games Discussion - A board for talking about traditional pastimes, such as Nigger Jolly African American Lynching.
  • /vg/ - Video Games Discussion -
  • /wooo/ - Wrestling Discussion - Moar wrestling

- Academic - HONOR ROLL MY ASS

  • /art/ - Art Discussion and Oekaki -
  • /chem/ - Science and Chemistry Discussion -
  • /crops/ - Growing & Botany - "How do I madeded weed shed?"
  • /dino/ - Dinosaur Discussion - A board for dinosaurs that was ripped off by 7chan when 420chan was too high to notice.
  • /his/ - History - Contains quality topics such as "Hitler was awesome and here's why" "White devils stole their inventions from Chinese/Sandniggers/Niggers Jolly African Americans" and
  • /howto/ - Guides -
  • /law/ - Law/Legal - "Guys, I got busted dealing pot in Utah. Should I get a lawyer?"
  • /lit/ - Books and Literature -
  • /med/ - Medical/Health - "shit shit you guys I think I OD'd on X, what do I do????"
  • /pss/ - Philosophical Discussion - Philosophy I don't think this thread has anything to do with philosophy. YES IT DOES!! NO U
  • /pol/ - Politics Discussion - For my poly/sci class I have to write a paper about anything relating to government. What do you think I should write about?
  • /tech/ - Computers and Technology - Hey guise, what's wrong with mah compooter?
  • /prog/ - Programming - The userbase here varies from scriptkiddies to neckbeards.

The (Former) Leaders


At first glance, Kirtaner (also known as skirt boy) appears to be a faggot pedo black person with no friends, but to many he is the daddy of the greatest board in the universe. Kirtaner is kind of like the guy in your band that is the lead singer which makes him technically the leader, even though all the rest of the band really does is make fun of him. When he's not posting pictures of himself in a skirt, he's jerking off to sum innocent 13 year old boys. It is also highly speculated that he had a love affair with feem and a Large sized bottle of strawberry lube.

As if you ever wanted to, you can read moar about their glorious leader here.

Ironically enough, this became a 420chan.org banner.


Kirtaner's girlfriend (HOLYSHIT Kirtaner isn't gay? zomgnowai!) and an all around attention whore, is only an admin because she will suck Kirtaner's dick (even though she will suck any dick longer than half an inch). By day, she swings her monstrous ban hammer and then let's the same fags she banned back if they bug her on IRC. Then she sucks their dicks. Find out more here.

Oh, and there are some other mods too, but nobody gives a shit about them.

Fun Facts!

Kirtaner and Spardot, in the heat of a 420chan Drink-a-thon.
Captain Tinal, the return of the boxed menace.

420chan has a unique spin on DONATE OR DIE: If you donate enough, the admins die. 420chan Drink-a-thons are always stickied in advance with something saying for every 10 dollars, Tinal will take a shot of various alcoholic beverages via live Stickam feed. However, the price is usually raised higher when they realize they don't want him to die. It's ok, it comes close enough; what usually happens is that people donate slowly, and he transforms into a robot and does random things. Eventually, he will pass out in his own vomit, someone will call 911 to go save him, and then everyone ignores his stream while Kirtaner takes over. When Kirtaner passes out, Sparto will put on a Guy Fawkes mask and a funny hat and not show tits for the begging crowds because she's a bitch.

420chan used to contain a secret board, /pedo/. After much retarded drama with their original webhost, /pedo/ has never returned.

Those lovable rascals that are the staff of 420 and its IRC also have been known to treat their members to cp free of charge!

   [20:37] <sentri> http://-------.---/-/res/1707.html
   [20:38] <negroe> sentri: LOL
   [20:40] <Attorney`Sparto> WHAT IS
   [20:40] <BabyJesus666> Fool: I lawled.
   [20:40] <Attorney`Sparto> http://www.-------.---/-/res/1707.html
   [20:40] <Fool> lol
   [20:40] <LoLDongs> lol
   [20:41] <sporta> lol sparto linking to gay CP
   [20:41] <sentri> hand sliding down pants
   [20:41] <sentri> that's actually the only straight cp there
   [20:42] <negroe> sentri: yeah
   [20:42] <negroe> gay cp works great, some people like straight cp
   [20:43] <Fool> lollololol
   [20:43] <Fool> i love cp floods
   [20:43] <sentri> I luv u negroe
   [20:53] <sentri> lol wher is the cp from /a/
   [20:53] <negroe> AH GAY THEY DELETED THE CP
   [20:55] <sentri> The CP must flow...
   [20:55] <sentri> >:)
   [20:56] <JuryMemberFutureDays> he who controls the cp
   [20:56] <JuryMemberFutureDays> controls everything
   [20:56] <sentri> best line i've read all day
   [20:56] <BabyJesus666> =(
   [20:56] <BabyJesus666> Linkk
   [20:56] <negroe> -------
   [20:57] <LoLDongs> its gay butsex cp
   [20:57] <sentri> got more of the twinky type?
   [20:57] <BabyJesus666> Why is it never straight cp?
   [20:57] <LoLDongs> because people like straight cp
   [20:57] <LoLDongs> actually not people
   [20:57] <LoLDongs> channers
   [20:57] <JuryMemberFutureDays> what about catholic priests
   [20:58] <sentri> I'm shure we have a fair number of "father figures" who are Anonymous boylusting pedophyles
   [20:58] <BabyJesus666> Yeah.
   [20:58] <LoLDongs> probably
   [20:58] <BabyJesus666> So post some straight cp to anger them
   [20:58] <negroe> sentri: wouldn't surprise me
   [20:58] <LoLDongs> but who doesn't like lolis
   [20:59] <sentri> i like em all
   [20:59] <sentri> so ... raging boner is raging
   [21:03] <negroe> ok
   [21:03] <negroe> done with the cp
   [21:03] <negroe> might flood more later

(Keep in mind that negroe, the one who freely admitted to flooding, is a staff member and that 420 bigshot feem was in the channel and did nothing, while sparto herself linked to it).

PS: That's Chalupa in the background. The greatest man to ever live.


Site Drama

1. Tinal took over 420chan because Kirt was away.

Former State Thanks To Tinal

2. All the boards were renamed and Kirt had to hack the server to get it back or something equally 1337.

3. At a later time, Tinal got mad at Kirt concerning Sparto and killed the 420chan.org domain. They later hugged and made up. Rumors of alleged gay sex also arose but these were denied by the Admins.

Continued Drama

On or about November 5th, 2008 Tinal and Kirtaner had an argument; leading Tinal to hold the 420chan.org domain hostage (again...) along with all of the PayPal donations, which returned shortly after.


A whois indicated that Tinal redirected 420chan's DNS servers to 4chan, but failed epically, as nothing actually loaded. (On a side note, this further corroborates claims by some that Tinal is actually Moot in disguise)

Tinalrage seems to be over for the moment.

April Fool's "Drama"

April Fools 2008, Kirtaner makes a blog post about finding Jesus or something. It was honestly the shittiest April Fool's trick ever because Peter actually fell for it.

/i/nsurgent drama

Hal Turner

In February of aught-seven, Hal Turner's websites started redirecting to 420chan. Hal announced that he had been pwnt and told everyone he'd called the party van. It remains to be seen whether some stoner really did steal his password, or Hal made it all up as part of his fiendish plot.

Perverted Justice

Chris Hansen and friends got Kirtaner's dox (from WHOIS). Kirt lives with his mom. They called and harassed him and his mother in a manner that Anonymous would to Hal, and were just really fucking annoying. Needs moar backraid.


New 420chan logo on Drawball.

420chan was always eager to rid itself of its image as the retarded cousin of the *chan family. Powerless to do anything to the other chans, it focused its attention on the Moralfags in Project Chanology due to the members of the project referring to themselves as Anonymous, something which pissed off the 420channers to no end.

At first, the idea was to crash the project's IRL Raids, which was quickly abandoned when the 420channers realized that they were unable to leave their parents' basements. After a series of pathetically failed raids against other sites unrelated to the Moralfags, including DDoSing themselves when trying to take down Enturbulation, they decided to take on a project with some possibility of success: Raid the Moralfag stronghold on Drawball. The date was set to April 3rd, 2008.

Epic fail ensued.

Unable to even scribble out the logo in question, the Anonymous of 420chan would thereafter be referred to only as Failnonymous - the INTERNET DOODLE MACHINE.

The other chans were either sympathetic to the cause of Project Chanology, or didn't give a shit. After failing miserably at scribbling out the Moralfag text on Drawball, Failnonymous started spamming other chans with requests for help. They were met with auto-bans from the mods.

The Great One Man Raid of '08

After being rejected from 4chan !4X8vLLNDE2 had nowhere to go, he decided to tell all his AIM buddies that he was going to raid 420chan's /weed/ board. Here is an excerpt from one of his many convos:

   DarXsAsUsKE: sup lol.
   !4X8vLLNDE2: nm just jacking off lol.
   DarXsAsUsKE: LOL
   !4X8vLLNDE2: hehe
   !4X8vLLNDE2: w00t ^-^
   DarXsAsUsKE: did you see the latest episode of Naruto?
   !4X8vLLNDE2: lulz im gonna raid 420chan brb1lol!
   !4X8vLLNDE2: kkk haha
   !4X8vLLNDE2: fried chikns!! HAHAHAa, what music shld i listn to wen i raid??????????????????
   DarXsAsUsKE: Insane Clown Posse
   !4X8vLLNDE2: THEYR SOOOO AWESOME!! JUGGALOS 4 LIFE juggln juggalo chikn slayer!
   !4X8vLLNDE2: g2g my mom wantsme to eat dinner >:("

After that enthralling IM he ate dinner (ricearoni) he went down to his room in the basement and started trolling /weed/. Who could forget such epic lulzworthy posts from !4X8vLLNDE2 such as:

   "this will probably make it on ED though seeing how 420'ers cry when there board gets raided"


   "they give this reaction sage sage sage sage sage so infact they have given lulz"

and this little gem

   "hahaa LULZ is a CORRUPTIN OF LOL!"

You have done the leegin proud young Anon. We salute you.

Accidental Birth

Some site called 420chan.net existed first. Kirtaner made 420chan.org as a joke, and in response to the 420chan.net guy crying made it a real imageboard. It was better. End of story.

Eventual Death

The 10k GET was the album cover of The Scorpions "Virgin Killer", which featured a nude preteen, but was censored. Its not CP, as it's on Amazon.com as well as various other websites.

Anyway, the 10K GET was, obviously, stickied. 420chans host got scared and said "you're movin' with your auntie and uncle OFFLINE". The IP got redirected to nothing, and Kirt got hit with a CP notice.

Kirt called bullshit, because it's a fucking album cover freely available in stores and websites. Their host didn't care, refused to reply, and eventually closed the ticket. Kirtaner and Tinal told them to fuck off and canceled their account, and are currently moving to a new host. The biggest issue was finding one that will allow /i/ to be linked (although /i/ won't actually be hosted there).

The Glorious Rebirth Of 420chan

420chan has officially risen from the ashes. Its timing coincided with the fall of 4chan. With the death of this unholy beast, thousands of /b/tards were left homeless and set sail on small crafts headed for new lands. Most of them died and landed in 7chan, however, a sizable number made their way to 420chan where they compete for lulz and shelter with the natives who have just arrived from their exodus.

Unfortunately, some of the refugees unknowingly brought the cancer that is killing /b/ to their new homeland. The influx of newfags and copypasta whores has lead to a split amongst the ranks of 420chan, some calling for the ban of all 4channers, others seeking a peaceful union of the two /b/s. Early flooding of the 420 /b/ by an unidentified 4channer has already sparked violent reactions from the locals. As these events escalated, the admins were nowhere to be found. No surprise there.

Also of important note, during the initial hour that 420 first emerged, someone had already begun a jailbait thread which included many pictures of children under the age of 12. Again, no surprise there. 420channers are still awaiting the repost of the Scorpions album picture "Virgin Killers."

/i/'s rebirth

420chan's /i/ was hard to host, and it took months before /i/ returned to 420. An agreement was reached with 711chan (whose host is ok with /i/) and about merging their /i/ with Kirt's custom wakaba board, returning Kirtaner and Sparto to being admins along with some #insurgency ops and 711chan admins, creating a new era of peace. This /i/ is currently trying to restore /i/'s good name with traditional Yahoo Answers trolling, more MySpace phishing, and extracting some lulz from the new s& hero.

Lockdown Level: Party Hard

Whenever 4chan dies, 7chan dies right after. While 420channers are not as hateful of other chan sites as 7chan and 4chan types are, they really don't like them coming and fagging up the place by posting so fast and what-have-you. So, 420chan changes its theme to RAVE mode, aka PARTY HARD, as a diversion.

Mascots & Sub-Mascots

  • TCC-Tan is the main official Mascot 420chan. Created in Something Awful forums, she was placed as 420chan's Mascot after getting permission from the original artist that created her. TCC-Tan perfectly fits the 420 theme for her looks and her tools such as her giant green bong.
Hay Guys



Drug addicted Maid Yakui.
  • Yakui is a Druggy Maid meme created in some wapanese image board. Yakui, being all heavy addicted to medicines ,pills, and hallucinogen,, is very popular in 420chan and was considered as a sub-mascot by the users. In time her popularity earned Yakui her own board section on 420chan as /Yakui/. Currently the section has been missing along with other sections that once existed such as /bridget/, /Hentai/, /Loli/, etc. Rumors has been out that the Yakui section will return when Kirtaner adds the new sections which he delays on purpose since he feeds on babies.

  • JigglyPuff is considered as an official 2nd mascot. While /b/ was in a Sharpnel Rave Mode, there was an Image of JigglyPuff with glow rings. Many individuals claim that JigglyPuff is the DJ of 420chan's /b/.

A Typical Image of JigglyWigglyPuff.
  • Jiggly Wiggly Puff is a horribly drawn MS paint version of JigglyPuff done by Z-IIDX. Mostly seen on /b/, was first seen as a OP image in a Xmas Sticky while a horrible background music was being played in /b/. Since then there has been some new images of Jiggly Wiggly every now and then. JigglyWiggly is known to have a weak bladder since many images show it urinating on the ground or objects/people. Jiggly Wiggly Puff is considered a minor sub-mascot but greatly loved by Kirtaner and Sparto. RIP jigglywiggly 5-3-08

Bikko is more awesome than you.
  • Bikko is a one-legged amputee girl who is popular among some 420channers. Created by an artist in Japan, she is considered as a mascot of the /smoke/ section since she is a heavy smoker. Some argue that Bikko should get her own section, /Bikko/.

  • Flonne is considered as "The Loli" of 420chan. An obvious symbol that yells "Etna_Is_My_Wife" is not welcomed here. In some websites that Kirtaner is registered in, Kirt uses a Flonne Avatar. Flonne is a character from Disgaea.

Default template for the Morning Show

Memes and Text-Memes

  • DICKS EVERYWHERE, Originally created in 2007 by Kirtaner as an automated response whenever you post an image in any section without any text, it was accepted quickly by its users. From time to time you might spot a user posting an Image VERY RELATED. If you see anyone outside 420chan posting "DICKS EVERYWHERE" then clearly they are faggots that need to get back to 420chan.

  • I vote you keep on trying, was originally created as a counter reply to a Lucky Star Troll in /animu/. Every time the troll would reply, users would say "I vote you keep on trying", in an attempt to show him that the troll is made of pointless and fail. However, now the Lucky Star Troll of /animu/ uses it himself as a troll weapon against others. The user who first came up with "I vote you keep on trying" committed suicide when he noticed the troll is was using it now, let's just say there won't be any more new JigglyWiggly Puff content.

  • Lenny is that you?, Infamously created in /flash/. Whenever someone posts like they have no hands, it's usually replied with "Lenny is that you?". There was once a thread in /b/ with OP posting a random picture claiming he was Lenny, followed by other users posting other pictures saying they were Lenny. To this day "Lenny is that you?" isn't used much at all and is mostly rejected by users in /flash/, but- Wait, Lenny are you reading this?

  • Morning Show was originally posted in 420chan's /b/ by a poster who'd found it on Google Images during an unrelated search, and asked /b/ if anyone knew what the hell was going on in the pic. The answer was provided in minutes (in the form of a YouTube link to a Japanese morning talk show) but more importantly, users began using the default template (pictured), putting their own text in the black and pink boxes. While infrequently used, it is still a 420chan /b/ original.

  • Ounce of weed taped to the back was a yellow text story posted on 420chan's /b/ about finding an ounce of weed taped to the back of a dinner plate. It is now used in much the same way as walk the dinosaur.

Notable Wordfilters

  • (blank response) > DICKS EVERYWHERE
  • 4chan > the future
  • 7chan > elitistchan
  • 12chan > I AM A PEDOPHILE
  • bong > cock
  • blunt > dick
  • Habbo > Colette
  • Scientology > Enkindlers
  • Nigger > jolly african americans
  • mod > Osaka
  • Niggertits > 4chan
  • Word filter > cat planet
  • good vibes > SLAYER
  • tomoko > avatarfagplsreportme

Hall of "I have Asperger's and spend all day on the internet"

If you're on this list, congratulations! You have succeeded in having a pathetic and unfulfilling life.

  • Fallen (Gigantic faggot, moderator in /dis/. Likes chugging cough syrup, spouting incoherent shit he thinks is meaningful, and long walks on the beach)
  • Alexander (shota hunter)
  • Asd (shota)
  • Alias777 (FAIL shota who only delivers for 2 seconds at a time)
  • Etna_is_my_Wife (lowest of low)
  • Reuben (nobody likes a Reuben, plain and simple)
  • Steve (regular bot on IRC)
  • Stonedchef (hueg penis)
  • Feem (supreme overlord of Aubrey Cottle's penis IRC)
  • Bob (has no friends)
  • Xanthine (is also a shota hunter)
  • KrypticGuy (the local Merchant on the IRC)
  • chet (Sparto's personal punching bag and stickam stalker)
  • Sparto (Kirt's cum bucket)
  • Ms_Mister (everyone's favorite trap)
  • Staplefun (For 20 counts of faggotry)
  • mehx (STOP THAT!!!)
  • uglyhuncher (drunk naked Indian)
  • kod (The friendly homosexual IRC bot)
  • AExodus (drug selling shota faggot)
  • Shortcat (Loves the cock)
  • Batmannu (Crazy Estonian chick)
  • Kirtaner/Aubrey Cottle (He didnt get a lot of sleep on Thursday night, lul)
  • Borwins (chink 4 life!!!)
  • Ocatamai (weeaboo)
  • BeachBabeHitler (secret Jew lover)
  • !4X8vLLNDE2 (crazy e1337 Jew)
  • Reuben Fanbury (most failsome of any Reuben to exist, ever)
  • Beedz~ (Faggot that won't shut the fuck up about his love for American Spirit cigarettes)
  • XIII (feels good man)
  • LaughingMan (Sick FuckHA HA HA HA!!!!)
  • Kakama (Anonymous Borg)
  • Priscilla Nerryhood(WTF? You fucked your cousin?)
  • Russonomics (Faggot known for shitting up 420chan's gay board with pictures of his plastic dick before vanishing when people found out he was a pedophile. Possible an hero)

More Coming soon


420chan is the most chill of the chans. But due to everyone being underage smokers and self-taught wikipedia scientists; facepalms, rage and loss of hope in humanity are to be expected.

The Chanese Federation

Chanese Federation official flag.gif

420chan has indeed joined The Chanese Federation recently. In fact, it is one of four founding states along with 2chan state, 4chan state, and 7chan state. One anon who's against the union doesn't mean all 420chan residents are. Seriously, what's wrong with having your own country?

And The Chanese Federation is indeed a real country! It's even on a map.

7channers troll /weed/ and mods

One day some 7channers decide it might be amusing to raid 420chan's /weed/. Since /weed/ is full of quality posters and awesome people, this only compounded the lulz through their intelligent retorts and disconcerting disapproval. For 2 hours, /weed/ was bombed with bloody vaginas, dead jews, and gay furry porn. Suddenly, 2 hours later, Kirtaner wakes up, throws on his dress and decides to check up on 420chan, to find /weed/ plastered with the shit. He RAGES at his mods for being so incompetent while some people try to suck Kirt's dick in a likely effort to increase his rage and simultaneously avoid it.

Exodus to 7chan

The site goes down for a couple of weeks in January 2009. After returning in February, it soon became apparent that the recent user interface upgrade also meant a dozen new moderators were hired, most of them underage. Those oldfags who had remained as part of the IRC community up and left for 7chan.

The superiority trolls go forth with renewed zeal.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: 420chan/logs.

A sticky goes up on 7chan involving the matter, and much lulz is had by all. Suddenly, Sparto appears on 7chan IRC demanding that the mods remove the sticky, or at least go on a banning spree, then rages when they refuse and tells them all what shitty mods they are. Kirt shortly follows suit and is trolled for a bit, though is sadly not as easy to troll as Sparto. The raid leader then reveals himself to Kirt in what could be considered a well-played coup de grace.

Suddenly Eman decides that to preserve 7chan and 420chan's long-standing good relations he needs to ban the raid leader from IRC and 7chan, and delete the thread. The raid leader then decides to post in on another chan for great justice and a thread about it goes up on 94chan, which is then stickied by the admin. An article also goes up on Wikichan. Hours later, the article on wikichan is deleted, and 94chan's bandwidth limit is exceeded.

77777777 GET

In (not so) recent news, 420chan was the subject of the highly contested 77777777 get. In the last moment, a 420channer swooped in triumphantly stealing the coveted get.

This was simply too much for the noble yet less-than-intelligent /b/tards. With the fury of a thousand flies on shit, they descended into the depths of 420chan's /b/ in an attempt to steal back the 420chan 333333 and thus, in some existential sense, their honor.

In the end their efforts yielded no results. Mods skipped the number and thus the /b/tards went stomping off to demand mom pour them another glass of live wire.

Selling Out

Despite being a once great hideout for pedos and stoners alike to bask in a relatively cancer-free and smoke-filled environment, it seems motives for 420chan have changed in recent years. Far from being this once-achieved bit of paradise, Kirt seems to now focus his energies on attracting as many newfags as possible to the site. This includes the addition of many stupid features, such as party banning, an unlulzy wikipedia, and a Twitter.

He has also become overcome with a terrifying worry that some of his userbase may possibly leave the site with every legitimate criticism voiced on the /420/ - Site Discussion board, and deletes any such posts as soon as he sees them. To test yourself, try posting there that 420chan was in fact not the second site to do away with frames, that 420chan was not the first ever site to have a wiki, or that the real reason most irc networks enable mode +x is for privacy and security reasons, not just because “they are stupid and like to encourage trouble”. Best of all, try mentioning that /pedo/ really existed.

All because he has to maximize his userbase as much as possible to make moneys from his crappy little store, and hopefully postpone getting a real job forever. Can running a cancer-free *chan mix with being an unemployed broke stoner? The answer it seems is no.

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