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An example of a luser being 404'd
Well, fuck.

A 404 Error occurs immediately after anything good gets posted on a *chan. 404 Error is a massive cock of a nigger fucking the pages you love to visit until they died of rape by faggots.

Being 404'd

Some of the most common reasons for being 404'd include:

What To Do If You Are 404'd

Being 404'd is a significant event in any young person's life, and there are numerous possible responses. Most experts in the field suggest suicide as the only dignified course of action on receipt of a 404 error, but there are support groups that exist to help the 404'd reconstruct their shattered lives after the trauma, such as the GNAA; the Catholic Church; Scientology; and Slashdot. Typing "regedit" in Run and deleting "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" has also been proven to cure 404. Another known fix is to refresh the page over 9 thousand times.


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