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2020 Version 2.0: Electric Boogaloo (also known as simply 2021) was the sequel to the shitshow that was 2020, and it was thought 2021 would be much more difficult to endure than its predecessor. Right off the bat, 2021 began to look the way it did at the start of the past few years, and progressively would get worse as times goes on.

The only thing that lied ahead in these dangerous times, was complete and total darkness, moar lockdowns, and newer, deadly strains of the Jewronavirus.

Are you too dumb or non-sober to remember highlights and lowlights of 2021? Relax, we here at ED have you covered.

The most interesting thing to happen in this boring as fuck year.

Dramatic Events of 2021

January 2021

  • Britbong rappa MF Doom's passing (which had actually happened in 2020!) is announced by his family suddenly.... Press MF to pay respek to dis adult swim bumper ass nigga.
"Food... we need food..."
Lulz ensues, and the media freaks out. This also results in Trump receiving the IRL-banhammer in the form of (his second) Impeachment. Many a lulzy shooped meme would come from the photo-ops taken at the Capitol siege.

February 2021

And yet you are still forever alone. How we know that to be true: Well, you're browsing ED.

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021

June 2021

  • Juneteenth was officially federally instated as a national holiday within the USA
  • Kiwifarms harassed a tranny emulator developer to the point of An Hero. The site, which also hosts the CWCKi, was then DDOS'd and is on the verge of being deplatformed by CloudFlare a-la 8chan.

July 2021

  • Ze Olympics happen in Tokyo
  • Prison dimension unlocked for Chris Chan and Isabella Loretta Janke
  • JewTube, being the pussies they are, decided to make every unlisted video prior to December 2017 private unless the user of said videos opt out.

August 2021

  • Jake Davison IRLbanhammers 6 brits in the first mass shooting in 11 years, ultimately an heroing.
but gun grabbing works guis!!1
"No More War."

September 2021

October 2021

2021 got Michael Myers like.jpg
"How long; O Lord?"
  • Facebook is down for almost a day as Mark Zuckerberg wanted to pussy out from the media's "whistleblowers".
  • Twitch is hacked, leaking the amount of jew gold Twitch streamers make. People were outraged over their favorite Twitch streamers not being broke like they are.
  • Our then-current Twitter account got suspended.
  • UK parliament member David Ames gets stabbed to shit and dies
  • Halloween Kills arrives in movie theaters - well, in the few theaters that survived the lockdown.
  • ErtasVideos is planning to merge FSW with Encyclopedia Dramatica. Let's hope not.
  • Alec Baldwin shot and killed a woman.
"but it was an accident!!!!"
Trick or Treat, Muthafucka

November 2021

December 2021

  • Destroy Dick December begins.
  • The Game Awards of 2021 began at 4:00 on December 9, much lulz and toxicity endues.
  • Antandrus creates more sockpuppets and adds himself to articles.
  • The admins are asleep on Christmas and December 26, leading to chaos and 1 fucking around with Hipcrime’s subpages.
  • John Madden dies at the age of 85.
  • RIP Le Playstation Football Man.
  • Betty White finally fucking dies.

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