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2020 venn diagram.jpg

2020 was the first year in the brand new roaring 20s. In March of this year, Encyclopedia Dramatica was restored after an extended absence, and a cheer went up from many lulz enthusiasts.

By the looks of it, it would seem mostly due to chink flu that 2020 (if not the whole decade of 2020s) will be even worse than the 2010s, so brace yourself for mega-shitstorms of faggotry and fails.


  • Khassem Soleimani is killed by Emperor Trump in a lulzy airstrike on Iran. People contemplate the possibility of WW3.
  • Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash.
  • ED goes offline for a while, due to Conrad Rockenhaus's fail.
As such, teh Interwebs becomes a sadder place.


  • February 5 - Trump acquitted after Democraps blew their bets on impeachment.
BAWWWWING from the left commences as they still fail to understand that man still Can't Stump the Trump.
  • February 8/9 - Jakrapanth Thomma attains the High Score on the Thailand servers.
  • JewTube starts implementing COPPA after the lawsuit by the FTC, but creators are in danger
  • Iran retaliates for January by shooting down a passenger jet full of its own citizens
  • Jussie Smollett indicted again


  • ED comes back to the web after a nearly two-month absence .
Connoisseurs of Lulz turn to cheer, & lolcows return to fear.
  • The Coronavirus which was discovered in China in late 2019 becomes the year's major talking point.
The conspiracy theorists decide it is basically airborne AIDS and IRL-ban all fun activities - i.e no moar concerts, conventions, or even work. Quarantine happens for many.
  • Brexit completed, leftists butthurt, mission accomplished
  • Super Tuesday shook loose many of the Democrats running for the US presidency, leaving either Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden to run against Trump in November.
  • Coronavirus threatens to become has become the next plague, infecting over 100,000 2 million+ 7 million+ people around the world.
Due to the above, the whole world was ordered into house quarantine, effectively turning us all into basement dwellers.


2020 NYD vs 3 months later meme.jpg
  • Aside from April Fools' Day on the web, not much lulzy stuff happened in April.
Everything was on Corona-holiday or lockdown still.


  • George Floyd is pwned, sparking mass rioting the likes of which haven't been seen since the last pair of Jordans dropped



  • Kanye West announces a srs and lulzy Presidential Candidacy Run only four months before the 2020 USA Presidential Election.
Yeezus didn't rise again...


  • A fuckhueg explosion happens in Lebanon, destroying large swathes of it's capital of Beirut and leaving 300k people homeless.
  • Kamala Harris is selected by Joe Biden as his choice for VP candidate in the 2020 Presidential Elections.
"Cops and old white guys 2020" is Biden's platform apparently.


  • Armenia and Azerbaijan, two countries that you probably don't give a shit about, go to war with each other (again). In the end, Armenia ends up getting butt fucked.


"Trick or treat, muthafucka!"


Trump Karen meme Election Contested.jpg
  • ED attempts to upgrade our server space amount on Cock.li resulting in the entire site breaking for a month and a half.
ED gets it up again in late late December. But ED's community splinters off into two different sites in the meantime.


"You'd better watch out!"


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