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It’s 2016, and if you’re not cool with homosexuals in your schools teaching your kids about butt sex … Peace, because hate is wack.


Dramatica 2016 edfbanner.png

2016 was another shitty, yet incredibly lulzy year. Censorship and government corruption are at an all-new high, as is Global Laming. Its effects on the Earth are beginning to have extreme results, with some of the biggest storms in history, excessive droughts, and the hottest months on record. Leftists have become so open minded that their brains have fallen out..And they have won the culture war. The SJW menace has infiltrated western civilization to the very core, and every social institution conceivable, as it wrecks massive havoc and chaos upon the globe; SJWs have continued to decay and destroy western civilization, as the political elite continue to flood White nations with rapefugees, whilst cia-funded ISIS retards continuously commit acts of mass murder against the public. Kids are dumber than ever before. Most Millennials are man-children, and women are the sluttiest and most despicable ever, and everything in general is going to shit, while the world looms on the brink of economic and societal collapse.

However, when it comes to internet trolling, this has been one of the most productive years ever! The right wing got BTFO as the alt-right dumbasses from /pol/ seized power and got Donald Trump elected as the most powerful fucking man in the world after he hijacked the GOP and grappled the election from the smelly old murderous hag Hillary Clinton. The cyber-civil war between retarded right wing trolls and mentally shattered SJW twats raged on to never-before-seen tensions, and the amount of salt harvested from the tears of all parties was enough to physically build another great wall of china.

2016 went down in history as one of the most chaotic, divisive and lulzy years in memory!

Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.

Dramatica Events from 2016

Hide your CP.
omar in the flesh


  • Germany is culturally enriched by Diversity as countless Rapefugees brutally pound the pussies of countless German bitches. The police, media and Angela Merkel cover it up.
  • January 15: TOW celebrates its 15th birthday
  • An outbreak of the Zika Virus occurs; Epic lulz follow.
  • The Fine Bros kike out, and trademark "React" videos, and a shitstorm brews as they're thrown in ovens and gassed. They finally got their heads out of their ass and apologized, but not before losing hundreds upon thousands of subscribers.


  • North Korea violates multiple treaties and gets shunned after launching some rockets. Russia, tired of assisting such retards, starts to distance its self from the country.
  • Nearly 17 years after the massacre at Columbine High School, Susan Klebold, the mother of Dylan (one of the shooters) comes out of hiding. She releases her autobiography, conducts several interviews, and releases a massive amount of new details relating to her child.


  • A car bomb goes off in Turkey, pwning 32 fags.
  • A suicide bomber wipes off 70+ Christfags and rapes 300 more during a suicide attack in Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Alison Rapp, a pedophile slut, is fired from Nintendo after a campaign launched by Daily Stormer to get her employment terminated. She was investigated heavily by the Internet Hate Machine and many juicy details were dug up, such as that she was an escort, pedophile, SJW on steroids, and completely despicable construct of genetic failure, and a plague upon western society.


  • Some dude teaches his then-girlfriend's Nazi pug to do a Nazi salute and trains him to be a good /pol/lack, and uploads it to YouTube. Epic lulz and butthurt follows.
  • Demonstrating the might of ISIS, Abu Hajaar is caught on tape fucking up his team's attack on Kurdish Peshmerga forces. He eventually causes them to get killed, dying and becoming a Forced meme in the process.
  • Trigglypuff, a morbidly obese SJW, is recorded going apeshit on camera after some MRA chick holds a Red Pilled lecture. Trigglypuff instantly becomes candidate for Meme of the Year as she is one of the most lulzy fuckers since Chris-chan.


  • The dude who made the video of his Nazi pug gets arrested by the pigs.
  • Rodrigo Duterte wins the Philippine elections, and creates a regime that pwns over 9000 drug dealers, triggering the international community.
  • Lyin' Ted Cruz, the faggot rat with a face that makes you want to beat the shit out of him, finally drops out of the 2016 Presidential race, after The Donald savagely anally rapes him for a few months.
  • EgyptAir Flight 804 crashes in the Mediterranean sea, killing all 66 on board. It is believed to have been an attack by ISIS.


  • After 17 years of construction, the world's longest tunnel opens in Switzerland. They celebrate the completion of this monumental task with bizarre ritualistic and "artistic" performances.
  • A man kills Christina Grimmie during a meet and greet. People became butthurt over guns again.
  • Sick and tired of the fag menace, a 29 year old Muslim Arab man, Omar Mateen, commits the Pulse Nightclub Massacre, and slaughters dozens of fags for the lulz. This massacre went on to become the deadliest mass shooting before Stephen Paddock claimed it.
  • The number of people displaced by conflicts globally is at the highest level in recorded history. Expect more Rapefugees, jackass.



  • The 2016 Summer Olympics are held in Brazil. Naturally, a lot of crazy shit goes down.
  • Brazil impeaches the president, Dilma Rousseff.
  • Sam Hyde perpetrates his 100th mass shooting! The fourth massacre to occur on American soil on the same day.


  • September 13 is the 10th anniversary of Kimveer Gill's chimpout at his school. It took 10 years for us to make an article about that fag and for good reason. Rest in piss.
  • Best Korea sets us up the bomb for the 5th time, causing the world (including Russia and China) to overwhelmingly condemn the crazy ass nation.


Jon Sudano Is Shrek.jpg
  • 4chan comes close to shutting down for good. Fags like Martin Shkreli and Notch show interest in buying out the website. Extreme drama floods all of the chans.
  • Hurricane Matthew goes super saiyan-5 and pwns the Caribbean, scoring over 1,000 frags.
  • ED servers fuck up, raping all our images temporarily.
  • Jon Sudano becomes an overnight sensation; a living meme.



  • THE BIGGEST TROLL OF ALL TIME: Donald Trump becomes the most powerful man in the world after getting elected President of the United States from an epic amount of shilling and trolling by 4chan autists, triumphing over the mass murdering crazy old lady, Hillary Clinton.
  • 5 years after Fukushima, God smites the Japs with another massive earthquake. Sadly, minimal damage was reported.
  • The PizzaGate pedophilia scandal breaks loose. Old media rushes to condemn it as "fake news".


  • Court evidence relating to Dylann Roof is released to the public, as his trial inches closer..
  • Logan Clark, a 14 year old boy, gets shot after pulling a knife on his classmates.
  • A 4chan user commits suicide by injecting his veins with acid. Anons name him AcidChan.
  • A turkroach named Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş potentially starts WW3 after assassinating the Russian Ambassador to Turkey live on TV, and strikes a humorous pose- instantaneously becoming a powerful meme.
  • Justin-anon attempts to an hero by slicing the fuck out of his wrists, painting his house with his own blood. Believed to have either died or been sent to the hospital and loony bin.
  • baphomet doxes Bearing, which in turn causes a drama that lasts well into 2017.
  • Newgrounds gets brutally fucked up the ass by the MPAA and deletes any flash projects that use copyrighted music; literally tens of thousands of flashes dating back as far as the early 2000s get wiped off a once-relevant site.
  • After somehow managing to score Sysop again, resident supervillain Onideus sperges out and gets de-opped once more.
  • Notable IRL Troll, Joey Boots passes away at the age of 49.
  • Obama rushes to actually get something done for once in his presidency and floods America with countless hordes of mudslimes and mexicunts. Also chimps out and fucks with Trump.


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