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2015 in a nutshell

2015 was another shitty year of existence which further proves that the stupid Mayan end of the world conspiracy was fake and gay. 2015 began with both a suicide-related tranny acceptance movement and GamerGate still raging on at a finely dramatic simmer. Throughout the year, there were many mass murderers who attempted to reach the high score, along with the continuing acceleration of the polarization of society and the drama produced due to this, only further surged by the rising SJW influences in politics and culture, the beginning of the Trump campaign, and the slow and painful death of the middle class.

Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.

Dramatica Events from 2015




  • Lulzgame Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015 is created by EDF member gizmo01942 and causes an immediate shitstorm all over the internet.
  • Law & Order: SVU takes on GamerGate with the episode "Intimidation Game," lampooning Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn's seedy antics and SJWs' cries of oppression. The episode even feature a fake website called "Redchanit." Lulzy reactions follow.
  • Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath and two of her friends plot to commit a massacre at some mall in Canada, but are v& before they can NBK as someone snitched on them. A potential bloodbath rivaling Anders Breivik was narrowly avoided.
  • The Hunger Games Roleplay community is jumpstarted after weeaboos take over simulator threads on /b/.


  • The 10th anniversary of the Red Lake massacre in which our dear hero Jeff Weise, got rid of 9 inferior injuns from Minnesota's (mostly) nordic genepool. As usual, nobody gave a fuck but who can blame them? Non-whites do not deserve any pity.



  • A game called Kill The Faggot is released. To nobody's surprise, massive lulz commence.
  • An IRL troll hacks a billboard in Atlanta to display an image of the infamous old meme goatse, shocking thousands of upper class scumbags in the process.


  • Sick of the injustices committed against the white race and the truth that nobody is doing anything about it, our brave hero, Dylann Roof decides to take care of the situation himself. 9 dead niggers later, and world fame is attained as our savior goes down into the history books.



  • Yet another psycho goes for the High Score. Vester Flanagan only dusted 2, but was the first shooter to complete the Bill O Riley Achievement for recording their assault. This coupled with being a gay nigger resulted in shitty accuracy, but our an hero still managed a few frags.
  • A lame ass show called Gen Zed is revealed. Extreme backlash is the result.


Anita and Zoe tell their super important womyns issues to the UN.


  • Anton Lundin Pettersson goes for the high score in the most stylistic way possible; donning a Star Wars suit, screaming Darth Vader quotes, playing loud Halloween music, and stabbing people to death with his sword before getting pwn'd by the police.


Lemmy sums up 2015 with a single gesture
  • France gets anally raped again in the Paris Mass Shooting, in which over 120 people got pwn'd by 8 "ISIS" agents in a false flag op by the Zionists to start another 10 year war for oil.
  • Don Vito dies, after spending nearly 10 years as a prisoner after an incident around 2007 in which he groped 2 tween girls IRL.


Overall, the year has been mostly stale and miserable, just like the rest of this decade. Not too late to kill yourself, so what are you waiting for?

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