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All about 2011.

The year 2011 was plagued by the brony menace and a mass influx of shitty memes produced by 14 year old Gen Z fags. Autists also wage serious business against us in attempt to kill us for good, after ED gets whacked by the beached whale; only for true EDiots to re-build the site from the ashes.

Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.

Dramatica Events from 2011


The mighty three letter message.
Now they're getting desperate.
Gabrielle Giffords is still laughing at him.
Resuming his usual schedule of yelling at 13-year-old boys on the internet.
  • ED's twitter delivers a heartbreaking tweet.
The first attempt to bring OhInternet to the scene only to be stopped with the message "RIP" leading to people protesting against its closure.
Sand niggers united.
  • 4chon.net was birthed; simply a carbon copy of 4chon.org
NekoArc is not smiling.
  • Meduka sets a mark as one of the worst anime fandoms in history
Taught the internet that being Meguca was suffering.
Their perversion over cartoon horses lead to 4chan's temporary death.
  • AHS drama reaches its end
The idol they worshipped got married. Fanboy tears were shed for their irritating Japanese pop star.
  • weev, Encyclopedia Dramatica's greatest sysop ever, is arrested.
  • Atimon is still in love with a cartoon meerkat
The new ginger King of /b/ is not pleased.
Reason for doing so was never stated.
Peace has been disrupted.
Leads to her father's violence and ultimately lead her to live in a foster home.
Only to get it deleted. RIP
New place for bronies and pedos everywhere.


Call of Duty fanboys drop their shit.
   : Bronies and faggots are pissed; /b/ engages in a shitstorm. For almost four seconds. As of now, you can post ponies and mods don't give two fucks.


Event is now translated by five different fansub groups.
I can has money?
Her hearing aid is set to weeaboo.
Max should have closed the damn thing down by now


What nightmares are made of.
Trollfaces everywhere.
You know what this means.
The abortion known as OhInternet was born.
Releases our beautiful ED 2.0
But that still doesn't make them ok in our book.
  • PSN closed, due to hackers
brb dox
  • Lurkmoarpedia and some other shitty ED mirror get spammed out of existence.
And nothing of value was lost.
LIAT gets mad.
Arguing with admins is fucking serious.
He's just getting worse.
Nigger and hill billy cities were the only targets. God Bless America!
Lead to everyone selling mountains of cookie cutter shit dedicated to it.


~*~you will always be in our heartz ~*~
Now this is personal, Jews.
Down the toilet where it belongs.
Hacking storm ensues.
  • LulzSec goes on a hacking rampage
Fox X Factor, Fox Sales Database, UK ATM Database, SONY Japan and PBS were all hacked within a month.
No wait nvm
Keep that old hairy dong away from her you fucking Jew.
  • Despite only being up for a few months, 4chon.net starts causing some major drama on the tubes.
Just look at Seisatsu's floppy dong!
savetheinternet loses $130 in the process and is forced to beg for money.
She gets it
These deaths are getting suspicious now...
You may have cybered with a politician, ladies.
138 people killed within the small portion it hit.


gtfo plz
The first warning to LulzSec members.
Good Night Sweet Prince ;__;
Thank you triple digits!
The greatest mystery in life, EDF2's database password, was really niggers1. The shock of the century.
What an artist the world hath lost.
No Tom, your comics do not make up for those mental scars.
Do we really have to elaborate on the results?
  • GreenReaper continues to make an ass of himself by stalking a 15-year-old girl and repeatedly calling the ISP of an ED sysop he didn't like.
On a side note, half of WikiFur's regulars got banned in the process.
Received national coverage despite the fact that it only killed four people.
Dox'd by Daniel Brandt Meepsheep. (EDitors note: He called the fucking cops on me!)
Disappointment ensued.


ED goes down for more than a week
This time it's legal!
ED is back stronger than ever.
Good for you, Norway!
Though she was dead inside for years...
Needless to say, it didn't work.
Will these fucking furfags ever learn?
So far, nobody gave a shit.
We're still debating over his gender.
Got defrocked by August.
The internet will miss him.
  • KrappleGuy goes to Vegas to fuck a girl from the internet
Didn't go exactly as planned.
Did it as an attempt to weasel out of his commissions.


An EDiot celebrating CIGARSEX
Hey, we all need a new pair of shoes.
Doing God's work by getting rid of a furry.
  • Tablecow and his army of 1337 hax0rs destory ED in the name of his hero Taekesi.
What he fails to realize is that Taekesi is really three trolls who get off by messing with people like Tablecow.
Another reason to hate deviantART a little more.
Separated at birth?
Her father died of a heart attack. His heart dun goof'd.
  • paz is appointed as the new president of the GNAA
Won his voters through his debate against bzb and toastmonster as he made fart noises during their speeches.
Move over, Casual Friday.


Spill one out for a fallen homie.
And the attention whores got v&
  • Doe Deere offered her house and poisoned cats to be used in a Locketship photo session
Used as an attempt to show off her and her shitty make-up. Nobody took up her offer leading her to cry like a bitch.
Stolen approximately $100 from her and gave her a picture of her middle finger.


Now introducing the hipster coffin.
Now you can be lonely with the rest of the internet.
That's what he gets for founding Apple.
Congratulations on downloading shit to go along with shit.
YHBT by Jimbo Wales.
Guess who's the winner.
There is a god!
With a knife
Got dox'd hard
you will not be missed
We're keeping your ED dream alive
2011 Father of the Year nominee
  • Chris-chan and his mother were arrested for disturbing the Game Place
Even as a tranny, he never learns.
The best comic ever made.


Bill9929. That smile didn't last long
Didn't go according to plan...
  • SOPA spreads fear throughout the tubes
  • John Pike preforms a public service
Just keeping over-privileged college kids in their place
The best meme of the year follows shortly after.


With predictable results.
  • Amurikan military quietly leaves Irack in a pile of shit and shambles.
The Iraqi terrorists gleefully celebrate their liberation and the departure of American troops by going on a party-spree of suicide bombings.
  • Paul Christoforo caps off the year by shit-talking to customers, having a transcript and dox dropped by Penny Arcade, then digs himself even deeper.

Happy New Year

World ends faster than you can say Candlejack, and no one gives a sh-

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