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2007, Microsoft's patch for the faulty 2006, has been proven to be just as buggy as the last year. Notable for being the climax of meme-faggotry, producing several lulzy memes this year.

2007 is also the year when the iPhone and The Big Bang Theory came out and therefore women discover video games and the internets for the first time, beginning third-wave feminism's start of ruining what was nice.

Some end users were tazed. Some gained sexual attractions Ebon Lupus, children, and even cartoon mice. Others were arrested for being pedophiles, and for not taking a seat right over there. Some flew off the handle and killed themselves. Many even died from bullet related injuries. Yes, this glitchy release has caused vans to explode off of their frames, monolithic meeting places to disappear, and all the beautiful women either died or were given worse fates. Leading scientists have traced these errors to an optional feature known to cause unpleasant side effects.

2007 has proved itself to be as terrible as the old 06 model. Luckily, we are quite certain that life will be improved drastically as soon as 2008 comes out, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Need a recap of what happened last year? We've got you covered.

EDiots look back to 2007.




It was Renzo, lol.


Ray Jones, one of the lulziest articles you'll see


Chocolate Rain society comes crashing through your veins


ED died this month, so pretty much the only thing worthwhile was watching pigslop get ruined.


Tyler Dumstorf bags a couple


They're hackers on steroids, almost like an internet hate machine...


Oh come on everyone on the internets lol'd at this one.


KCFireplug on Colbert Report


[email protected] says: andsleep together every night
serious says: if we sleep that is ;)
[email protected] says: true
[email protected] says: cause we would have sex every night


Megan Meier's parents daydreaming about bulls and rabbits.


Dr4g0nK1d has suffered 456 viruses because of you fucking morons, over the past 5 years.

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