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Police.gif FACT ALERT:
No amount of romanticizing the past will change the fact you are getting old.
The uncool old people complaining about the new generation that you used to roll your eyes at are now you.
Flowchart of the '90s.

The 1990s (or the 90s) is a decade that took place from 1990 to 1999 and is currently being bent over and raped with nostalgia by crazy 16-year-old girls and retrofags as if it happened at least 100 years ago.

What happened?

Key events that took place in the '90s:

Nostalgia movement

Biggest problem Clinton.jpg

Circa 2008, a movement to reminisce on the decade started. Originally intended to be a simple lookback on the 90s, it eventually became a large militant fanboy army movement that overtime began to rape the decade like they were 90-year-olds talking about the 1920s. Members of the army are called "90s kids".

The large pride movement propagates the view that the 90s:

  • were all about happy childhood and music, and nothing more
  • had absolutely no war or sadness and that everyone was walking around like a happy Disney movie

There is an ongoing civil war on teh internets about who can be called a "90s kid". 16-year-old girls claim to know every single last detail about the entire decade because they know about boybands and the Macarena, though they only remember the last few years. On the other side, a group of grown pedos hold the view that you HAVE to be born in the 1980s to even know anything about the view. However, both flaunt their childhoods like they were on a float in some flashy gay pride parade.

The movement bashes the 2000s, holding the view that it was like the Holocaust, World War I and World War II happened 24/7 throughout the decade, that everyone was an evil pedophile, that kids are brainwashed spoiled brats and that everything is commercialized (although 90s kids were obliviously fed commercialism as a child). Originally, the movement bashed anything that was created past December 31, 1999, but the bashing has since been lifted and currently bashes anything post-2006.

The 1980s nostalgia movement, a predecessor of the 1990s nostalgia movement, occasionally sends fanboy troops called "80s kids" into their holy altar of worship known as "tribute videos", in an effort to bash the decade, but they are instantly surrounded and lynched by other "90s kids". However, when a tribute to the 2000s is made, both 80s and 90s kids team up to vandalize and sacrilege the altar, and proceed to lynch the "00s kids", people born between 1993–2002 who have given up trying to act like they experienced much, if any, of the 1990s.

The guerrilla warfare is available for complimentary public viewing, which is easily accessible by using Youtube Comments, or simply using Google so nobody has to give an endless list.


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