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FoundationSeptember 2006
Major Boards/jb/ , /boy/, /girl/
Epic WinsFox News coverage, Being offline for at least 100 years.
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12chan or 12andUnderChan was a *chan imageboard founded by the exiled pedos from 420chan, killchan and renchan. It was set up at least 100 years ago with the mission of being a JB haven, child model dump, and generally the tight, virgin, slightly visible asshole of the internet.

12chan specialized in boards for pedophiles, ephebophiles and other assorted scum. These boards are mainly /girl/, /boy/, /jb/, and /mjb/. These are all imageboards to post and browse child model pictures, candid pictures, school pictures, camwhores or any picture that fits the gender and age limits of the specific board it's on. This is why 12chan attracted so many ephebophiles.

12chan is now a thing of the past and the domain redirects to a domain squatting spam site.


GTFO perverted justice

[19:25] <skaterchick> hi everybody, my friends brother told me this is a cool place to find hot guys,
i tried adultfriendfinder first but i wasn't old enough lol
[19:25] <nebuLa> lol
[19:25] <nebuLa> plenty of hot pedos here
[19:26] <skaterchick> pics plz 
[19:28] <skaterchick> so any1 wanna be my friend? msg me at [email protected]
[19:28] * You were kicked by Jaydub (GTFO perverted justice)
[19:28] * Attempting to rejoin channel #12chan
[19:28] * Rejoined channel #12chan
[19:28] * Topic is 'Welcome to 12chon!!! all mods should contact k0w with their email or something'
[19:28] * Set by k0w on Sat Jan 13 09:25:07
[19:28] * chan sets mode: +v skaterchick
[19:28] <nebuLa> lol
[19:31] <skaterchick> everyone on ed is reporting your asses to the center for missing children
[19:31] <skaterchick> have fun being arrested lol
[19:31] * _yoo has joined #12chan
[19:31] * chan sets mode: +v _yoo  
[19:31] * Jaydub sets mode: +b *!*@12chan-8BFF0F58.XXXXXX.fios.verizon.net
[19:31] * You were kicked by Jaydub (just GTFO)
[19:31] * Attempting to rejoin channel #12chan
[19:31] * Unable to join channel (address is banned)


[13:56] <dj_loev> just don't talk about cp in the channel
[13:56] <dj_loev> your ips are recorded
[13:56] <dj_loev> they are searching through the server 
[13:56] <cristal> hahah
[13:56] <dj_loev> the server is in France
[13:56] <dj_loev> they got euro police, the french, the Nazis, etc..

Welcome to the Church of Loli

[23:10] * Now talking in #12chan
[23:10] * Topic is 'Welcome to the Church of Loli Please donate by visiting 12chan.org or so site 
can be restored!| Asking why 12chan is down will result in a ban/kick. | 12chan should be back within 7 days | 
•nebuLa• Anyone gonna watch the Superbowl? 
•loev-chan• lol wth is that? | ¬.¬ (loev-chan)'
[23:10] * Set by k0w on Sat Feb 03 20:11:39
23:10] -chan- [#12chan] Read the topic before asking anything

Trying to be offline as much as possible

In the years 12chan has been online, it has tried to be offline as much as functionally possible. Being offline is when 12chan feels most comfortable. It has been subject of much debate whether 12chan perhaps does this to keep its users safe or simply for the lulz. To simply say 12chans servers are complete and utter shit is definitely out of the question. Experts believe that a pedo commits suicide every time 12chan goes down. Won't you help?

Fox investigates


12chan users

Moar proof of 12chan's sickfuckery.
Typical 12chan user.

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