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Whores in training

Twelve-year-old girls are suspected to be a special breed of 16-year-old girls. As their predecessors, they are known for speaking entirely in aLtCaPs or retarded variations of 1337, overuse of starz (***), heartz (♥♥♥<3), xs (I luv u babe xxx <3) typingggg likeeee thizzzz and masturbating to Hannah Montana, High School Musical, iCarly, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Camp Rock and basically anything on Disney or Nickelodeon. Almost all have a condition known as OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder), they catch this from reading the shitty books and/or watching the movie known as Twilight. This causes them to receive multiple sudden orgasms over the spoken words, "Edward Cullen"/ They also have a tendency to scream out "OMGGG EDWARD IS SOOO HOTT!!!1" They falsely believe they have a chance of obtaining their "own personal Edward." The best way to troll them would probably be to ask them out, pretending to be "as Edward Cullen as possible" and break up with them in less than 4 days for being so fucking stupid. These girls are traps, lying about their ages and also lying about having a membership to the Itty Bitty Titty committee.

A favorite of pedophiles, these demonic female creatures are a scourge upon the internet. They should be ignored, mocked until they cry/get their parents, and trolled as much as possible. As long as the only attention they get is negative, they will either cease to be a nuisance, or realize that they need real lives. As such, they can be a great source of lulz. Verbose insults will confound them for a good five minutes before they reply with a weak comeback, such as "fag" or "emo". You can then use that to fire back by insulting their gay heroes the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber or Edward Cullen. Proceeding to describe in full detail how you wish to murder them will provoke them even further into leaving the internets to do something a bit more kid-safe. Something like hanging out with the minister at church.


Twelve-year-old girls have existed for at least 100 years as chronicled by Oingo Boingo. They can be distinguished from 16-year-old girls because they have to stuff their bra to look hawt, however, they have been known to be just as fucking annoying.

If on Youtube, they will mostly make talented music videos of their favorite music artist such as Justin Beiber and Ke$ha. A solution would be trolling. Twelve-year-old girls have the tendency to decorate every fucking molecule around them, including various cavities which don't belong to them. Classy.


Just say no.
  • Prepubescent Sluts or just pre-sluts: These are the ones that just have to have a boyfriend once they turn 12 because all of their friends have one, and God forbid you wait until you no longer look like an unripe pumpkin. They also believe they're mature enough to have sex after 3 months with their "boyfriend", even though they're still omg scaaarrredd will it hurt a lot?!!? I luv him so much!? Can I just tell him I'm not a virgin so i dunt get dumped??? These girls are probably also obsessed with Katy Perry. Online, they typically typee withh unnecessaryy extraa letterss at the end of EVERY FUCKING WORD they type that is more than 4 letters long. Their natural habitats are the mall, the school bathroom, and behind a camera.
  • Disneys: About 99.99% of these girls are Christians. All of them believe that Miley Cyrus is a saint and that the Jo Bros are the sexiest band eva and are the new Beatles (Who they've probably never heard of). They go to church every day, get straight As and watch only Family channels. Natural habitats include church and Jonas Brothers concerts. Most will have usernames like x4yJonas1997, FutureMrsJonas, etc. if they have Youtube accounts.
  • Media sheep: Not to be confused with pre-sluts and Disneys, which are also sheep in their own way. Media sheep try to be the "cool" kids. They obsess over stupid Youtube videos like Charlie the Unicorn cus, ya know... wow three unicorns traveling to caaaaaandy moooountain so random lol omg he said frikin lol so cool and funny. They also like to watch Family Guy because they think it's cool to watch it when you're only 12 years old.. and like wow I know half the jokes lol I'm so badass. Their habitats are in front of the tv, in front of their phone, or on websites like Youtube and Myspace.
  • Pre-scenekids: This breed can come in two genders. Basically think they're special for dying their hair black, getting piercings, turning against teh school prepz, and listening to "punk" bands like MCR. Habitats are their room and other people's basements.


Another shot of her plus her fWendZ.
They want your penises.

Fortunately, 12-year-old girls do not usually penetrate the bowels of the internet, because they are too retarded to figure out how to use it well enough to REALLY get under anyone's skin. They are also can't ever seem to be able to CORRECTLY USE A FUCKING CAMERA!!! THEIR SHIT IS ALWAYS AT SOME UNNATURAL WEIRD-ASS ANGLE, AND YOU FUCKING RAGE AFTER YOU'VE SEEN IT ENOUGH TIMES!!!!!! They spend most of their time on Neopets, LiveJournal, or MySpace camwhoring it up with angle shots, posting over nine thousand bulletins and general faggotry. When one is encountered out of these contexts, it is almost certain that they will want to have cyber sex with you. You should always accept, as having sex with a 12-year-old girl is the only known cure for GRIDS, although they known to be very teasey: all talk, no walk (after you're done with them there wouldn't be much walking for a while anyway). If you don't want to accept, trolling is always an option. Very creative trolling methods may be implemented in these cases. The retarded bitches are also seen on DevianTART whoring out their pathetic ability to draw faggot filled art without any hint of anatomical knowledge (unless they are the rare breed of budding artist, see Cheese1997). If they are not adding to the collection of poisonously talentless works some call deviantart, they whore themselves out with photo's of themselves licking posters of their favorite superstar's face, especially that sparkly faggot Edward Cullen.

How to troll little girls: Tell them MLP is gay. Rip up their twifag plushies and other plushshits. Tell them that unicorns don't exist. Slap them. Eat their hair.


12-year-old girls are spoon fed propaganda straight from the dick of Disney channel on a daily basis thus prompting them to buy/ listen/bone to whatever their idols love. Example: "kEV1n of the JonA$$ br0th3rs" came out of the closet as a John Mayer fag declaring the song "3x5" (rating: you auto-fellatio to this at 3 am) as his favorite. Within seconds, 12-year-old girls flock to Google video and boost viewer numbers on AMVs that no one gave a shit about, squirting over the comment boards about how they like the song because K3viN loves it, giving thumbs down to people with an IQ. Some group into silly interweb gatherings, and if one is mocked to a point, an automatic 4 paragraph cap locked bitching letter will be sent to your screen name. This is a very bothersome and predictable occurrence. The way only way to defeat these swooping demons is to call them fat. The outcome of this insult isn't known by its inflicter very often, but it most likely involves self-cutting and crying in a corner while hugging a teddy bear and mumbling. Just goes to show how simple it is to troll a 12 year old girl. They also tend to act depressed and emo, to get sympathy. Here is a plain example:

  • Person number 1: what kind of animal do u feel like today? I feel pretty bad so i feel like a sloth
  • Attention whore: wanna know how i feel on a bad day? remember the movie the passion and how badly jesus was whipped? thats how i feel on a bad day, pretty much every day. and on an okay day, i feel the same but before they used the metal whips, just the wooden rods.
  • Person number 2: WOW that aint good
  • Person number 3: ok wow [Attention Whore] wowwowowowowowowowowow
  • Person number 4: that would hurt ..................BADLY
  • Person number 5: Well wowza
  • Person number 6: someone needs a hug
  • Attention Whore: I'm freakin depressed now...
  • Person number 7: [Attention Whore] your scaring me
  • Attention whore: im crying now...
  • Person number 8: no crying
  • Person number 9: :'( thats depressing seriously
  • Person number 10: r u going to be ok
  • Person number 11: Well isn't this just a fun conversation

12 year old girl werewolves

12 year old werewolf powers.

It is also now not uncommon to find 12 year old girl furries , who state that it is fact that they can transform into, or have the spirit of wolves, dragons, or other special animals .It is not surprising though, considering the fact that 12 year old girls are prone to being terribly ignorant when it comes to rationality, logic, and telling(or even realizing) the truth. The most common excuse to denial of their special abilities is that all humans are ignorant and don't love wolves enough. They also respond with much butthurt and use as much profanity as they can to feel more like their "powerful" older counterparts.

I have an important question!!! If I transform into a wolf,How long would i stay a wolf? And would i hurt anyone? PLZ RESPOND ASAP!!!


—Desperate newbie

The JuniperSun Controversy

FAIL'D! Video's been made private!!

Why we love 12 year old girls

Shake it, lil girl!

"Lollipop - The Chordettes", play it at your next slumber party!

Quotes by 12-year-old girls

Justin Bieber is toatally sexy!!!


—A typical JB Whore.

I'm actually a lesbian not Bi.


—A confused 12-year-old girl

Get out ma face before i kick your ass.


—A 12-year-old girl who thinks she can fight.

Get away from me creeper.


—A typical 12 year old girl asking for it.

there's this moderately cute guy that sits behind me in all of my classes except computers (which he sits next to me) and I have a small crush on him and every fucking time we're in fucking class his fucking knee or foot or whatever presses against my tailbone and this turns me on so freaking much omgf


— A 12-year-old-girl who is going to get pregnant during her sophomore year in high school


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