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[sic] is a cool way of showing the internet you operate on a higher level of discourse. Most often seen on the Interbutts, [sic] is also prominent in print media. However, if you use [sic] IRL, you deserve death. It is also the name of a fucking awful Slipknot song, leading to its use by their retarded fan base.




[sic] is a Latin word meaning 'thus', or loosely translated as 'look at this fucking retard', placed originally in hand-copied text to indicate that the copier found a spelling error in the original, but had enough sense to preserve that original rather than contribute to grammar nazism or diminish lulz. This proves that lulz have existed at least as far back as the dark ages, among early prototype wiki-vandals (MONGO's distant ancestors). It has since carried over to the internets, where it is used to deflect the illiterate dumbass label to whomever is disagreeing with your retarded opinions.

[sic] is also a backronym for spelled in context or said in copy.


An acronym for spelling is confusing. It is used to indicate that someone has misspelled a word in a manner that renders its meaning obscure. (This usage is extremely rare.)


Stands for Super Imaginative Chogokin, basically darker crazier looking versions of Japanese superheroes in action figure form with interchangeable parts. They cost a shit load of money and only obsessive wapanese and the most shameful Japanese NEETs buy them.


Confederation of Independent Systems.




Seek eez whin jew are eeteeng too many tortillas. Ay caramba!


See Tumblr.


See fellatio.

How to use [sic]

During arguments on the internets, replies will inevitably contain quoted portions of other posts. Though conventionally used to indicate what portion of a post is being responded to, it is more commonly used to remove text from its supporting context to own the poster and score points. Any time someone makes a spelling mistake or typo, you should always append [sic] in bold, to show that you have included their misspelling in your quote. This demonstrates your rhetorical, philosophical, and intellectual superiority beyond a shadow of doubt. Remember, the point of arguing on the internet isn't to reach a more truthful consensus - it's to look the coolest by winning.


  • [sic] is a play by Melissa James Gibson.
  • This article automatically loses, according to Godwin's Law.

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