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♥ attack

(alternatively: or <3) is the beloved character of choice for emos, scene twats, Japanophiles and all around fuckwits. The ♥ appears primarily on MySpace, fagging up thousands of MySpace pages. You are probably an emofag as well because you managed to find this page. You may have noticed that ♥ looks nothing like a heart, human or otherwise. What it is actually based on is a mystery, but some argue that it could be a pair of swans' necks, a seed that was used as birthcontrol in Ancient Greece, or a woman's shapely ass. Flipping the ♥ upside down reveals that it is an asscrack.

The ♥ Phenomenon

Every 16 year old girl persists in using the ♥ character, despite the fact that it makes it blatantly obvious that they have shit for brains. The dark tendrils of ♥ have spread into all social networking websites, and is thoroughly, as you read this, undermining any respectability that the internets once had. This has become a problem for the loners who lurk on MySpace looking for teenage girls to masturbate to or old men looking for girls to rape due to the fact you can't see the name of the user until you enter the page. You are then picked up by a profile tracker and then it's all over, sell your MySpaces.

In various MMORPG's, people are conveyed and interpreted by their level of suit. In this case, ♥ means a person is kind, loves the social aspect and converses with many people, and gives out free items. Naturally, this means pussies, fags, and retards who gives out worthless shit to try and make their way up a non-existent social ladder.

Fuck The ♥

The rapeage of the internets caused by the standard emo's character of choice is, as of now, irreversible. LOL APOCALYPSE!

How To

You can experience ♥ by typing &hearts; in your HTML code.

You can also experience ♥ with alt+3 - under Linux with ctrl+shift u2665 <Enter>

♥ Hitting the Mainstream in the States

The Dance Dance Revolution series, followed by the thoroughly mediocre independent film I ♥ Huckabees (pronounced Eye-Heart-Huck-A-Beez) brought ♥ into the mainstream in the USA. And somehow still, nobody gives a fuck.

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