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Hello. You may be here to read about African children. This article has none of that. Instead, it is a discussion of the geopolitical implications of Wikipedia, focusing on the case study of the little-known Сиби́рской го́вор, a language of the Balto-Slavic family. You'll find more. Chienquieh.


Imagine that you've just invented a language. Okay, maybe 'invent' is too strong a word here. Imagine that you've just smashed together a fuckload of Russian dialects together one day, possibly with a little help from drugs, and called it a new language.

Well, Ярослав Золотaрёв (read: Yaroslav Zolotaryov) from Томск (read: Tomsk) (LiveJournal: Lj-favicon.png samir74) decided to do exactly that, and also set up a website detailing his genius creation. He named it Сиби́рской го́вор (read: Sibirskoi govor), or "Siberian speak".

Sounds pretty uninteresting, and it is. Well, until Wikipedia got involved.

Wikiedit Drama

The Russians are not amused by Yaroslav's faggotry.

Now, our main man here, Yaroslav, who by the way, is a Metapedia contributor, has a chip on his shoulder the size of...well, Russia. Butthurt over perceived oppression of his 'nation' (Siberia), he leads a one-man (and many-sockpuppet) war against the Russian language by declaring this dialectical clusterfuck the only and official language of Siberia.

What's more, he also managed to convince the geographically-challenged staff of Wikipedia to create a wiki page for this 'language'. Surprisingly, the Bureaucratic Fucks agreed, and parked it at http://ru-sib.wikipedia.org (defunct).

Now, some users of Википедия (read: Vikipyediya), the Russian Wikipedia, caught wind of this, and began to continually bellyache about how this action was undertaken without the admins confirming the supposed "language"'s existence nor the application of the "x" private subtag for privately used language codes, in contravention of the ISO 639 and IETF RFC 1766 language code standards. So they say, at least. Of course, we all know that it is because YOU DO NOT BE FUCKING WITH RUSSIAN MOTHERLANGUAGE!

The Russian users started venting their rage, at first on the Russian Wikipedia (Wikipedia:ru:сибирская Википедия), but then moved on to the English Wikipedia , proceeding to lay the smack down on this little pissant (Wikipedia:Meta:Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Siberian Wikipedia), who valiantly fought back using supporters (in all probability, sockpuppets) claiming to be experts in Balto-Slavistics. He also tried pointing to documents posted on his own website, translated into the language, as evidence of notability. When that failed, he resorted to calling his critics "Москаль" (read: Moskal, roughly translated as "Moscowndrels"), "outing" them as part of a Moscow-backed conspiracy, and generally being a passive-aggressive (and sometimes plain aggressive) dick. Needless to say, the Russian War Machine prevailed, causing Yaroslav to be shown the door.

It is interesting to note that this entire bout of faggotry would not have been possible without the continual support of Wikipedia, not least through donations to the Wikimedia Foundation. Donations that Jimbo Wales coaxes out of people by appealing to their knee-jerk responses:

I’m doing this for the child in Africa who is going to use free textbooks and reference works produced by our community and find a solution to the crushing poverty that surrounds him. But for this child, a website on the Internet is not enough; we need to find ways to get our work to people in a form they can actually use.


Jimbo, lying like a rug.

Brown appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in January 2010 and won 5,000 dollars from the show. He said he would donate $500 of his winnings to help victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and would give the rest of his winnings (after taxes) to the Wikimedia Foundation.



Lessons to be learnt from this

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