"Missing White Woman Syndrome"

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Smart people don't get themselves kidnapped, stupid whore. And 2009 Utah Citizen of the Year
Actually proven to be a Deer
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Not to be confused with Missing White Womyn Syndrome

"Missing White Woman Syndrome" is a horrible and debilitating affliction suffered by old media. Whenever a stupid white woman goes missing, the media makes sure everybody knows about it and make it the story of the week. Unfortunately, most missing white women are found alive and in good health.

However, if anyone unattractive, male, or nonwhite goes missing, the media don't care at all. It is nearly impossible to get any television coverage for any of these people no matter what social class they come from. Some argue this is because women and white people are just plain better than everyone else, a fact which has yet to be disproven men have a higher IQ. Others believe that nobody notices missing black people, hos, and wetbacks simply because their absence has no negative consequences, due to the fact that they didn't contribute to society in the first place.

Still others argue that the term was made up by Wikipedia, as a result of them having a long-standing article on it. However, it should be noted that this article has 34 external citations.

Using the expression "Missing White Woman Syndrome" is a marvelous way to instantly establish oneself as media savvy. If someone points out that the "woman" in question was actually a one year old baby, shut them down by pointing out with a knowing glare that if the baby were black. everyone would just assume she was a crack whore who had been asking for it.


  • Anything going less than perfect in the war that might warrant a distraction so that people don't figure out how fucked it is
  • The collective societal fetish (especially among Americunts) for weak white bitches in peril
  • Anything more important happening in the world at all


Include, but are not limited to:



Where all the white women at ..?


Blazing Saddles Every black person evar.


In a fit of zOMG people will often try to burn you at the stake if you haven't:

  • Donated money to finding the missing woman
  • Posted a picture of the missing woman in MySpace (because MySpace people leave their bedroom so much they might see the missing woman on the street!)
  • Added your name to a chain-mail no one will ever read


Include, but are not limited to:

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